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None of these imagines are intended to be real, they are simply made up from our twisted imaginations...

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1. Calum Hood

Calum Hood


I sit with my knees crossed; the soft material of the couch slightly tickling the fair skin on my legs, all the lights turned off. The lone candle sitting in the middle of the coffee table begins to flicker as I run a hand through my hair.

"If only Calum... If only..." I look to my right, in which he sits beside me; staring into my eyes, not daring to say a word. I reach down to the glass coffee table; taking a deep breath before grabbing the dusty grey shoe-box, the cardboard lid beginning to tear within age.

I pull the lid off; chucking it aside in desperation, revealing thousands of photos piled on top of one another in a jumble of blurry memories.

I gently pull out the picture on top, it was a selfie of me and Calum at the beach; hand in hand, the memories starting to flood back, hitting me like a tsunami. I continue to stare intently at the picture; trying to engrave the image into my brain, hopelessly trying to make sure it stayed there for as long as possible.

He places a gentle ghostly hand on top of mine, causing a shiver to go down my spine- I shake it off as I place the picture back inside the box, not brave enough to even glance at him. Scared I would crumble and cry within the first second of looking into his dreamy, chocolate brown eyes.

I ruffle through the waning box, my breath hitches as another picture catches my eye; Calum on one knee, his hand holding a small velvet box. I look to my left hand; the ring still sitting tight on my ring finger, I stroke it slightly with my thumb as a single glistening tear rolls down my cheek. I grip the precious box tighter as a gentle yet desperate sob falls out of my mouth; my vision starting to blur. That day Calum had proposed, it was the start of a whole new perspective on life for me, him and us…  together.

I pull out a picture of me and Calum hugging each other; down in the bottom right corner the words ‘January 28th 2012, Happy 2nd Anniversary.’ were written in his small messy handwriting. It was this day two years ago; I remember it like it was yesterday, that was our two year anniversary and today was our 3rd… 3 years, wow. Time truly does go bye fast.

The tears begin to cascade down my cheeks as I smile slightly; the best days were those spent with Calum. If only those days could last forever, on replay.

I propped the box down onto the small coffee table as I turn to my right; there he sat. His hair messy, his skin pale like a ghost, his beautiful brown eyes staring back at me, his face showing no expression what so ever. His image starts to fade as just a figment of my imagination as I begin to speak in small mumbled words;

“I-If only… you we’re still here…”

Calum Hood; the both of us will forever be infinite.



It’s hard being without your other half, embrace the moment while they still last- before it’s too late.



Authors Note:

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