a night to love you.

Macy is a nerd. a big one. she gets bullied by a group of boys. but this particular boy , has a crush on her. why dose he bullies her? you ask , well that's not my story to tell.


1. the big present


   we all sat in the living room , in our pj's on Christmas morning , opining presents and drinking hot coco. Liam hands destiny a smaller box and she looks at him quizzically,

"open it " he urges her , she opens it and looks down to see a huge diamond engagement ring.

 " is this your way of proposing Mr. Payne " she said in her north London ascent. He nods confidently and kisses her. we all cheer as she lets him slide the ring on her. 

" so you propose on Christmas,' I start  and lean forward  "how cheesy big bro" I say to my slightly older brother Liam.

 " why , yes I did Mrs. Tomlinson " he said and I giggle. you see I was married to his best friend and band mate , Louis. He was engaged to my best friend destiny. yep, that's how my family works.

 I look over to my left and see something white. mistletoe. I had an idea . I slowly leaned over towards Liam, Louis and destiny. and whispered my plan.

 " you guys go over and "talk" to mia and Niall and I will grab the mistletoe , and hang it over them that way they have to kiss and get together" I say and quietly squeal at my new found smarticels. they all nod and break. they head over to mia and Niall , and I head over to the mistletoe and hide it behind my back. I walk behind them and wink at Liam to say it.

"hey lads you might want to look up" he states they do and see me with the mistletoe and look at each other , they slowly lean in and start kissing.

 lou comes around and hugs my shoulder while kissing my temple. " ah , young love" I sigh

 I look behind me to se that bailey and Zain where already gone, probably out for their anniversary. good for them. harry was bouncing a now one year old Darcy, who was quietly sleeping. Megan must have just fead her.

 I look at lou who was staring wantingly at Harry , Meagan and Darcy. ' I should tell them ' I think.

"listen up loves because I have some important news ," I say standing up on the coffee table" lou and I " I grab his arm , pulling him up with me" are going to have a baby" I say and everyone broke out into cheers . lou kissed me and all I could think is ' I have so much to be thankful for '

"hey guys why don't we go have a snow ball fight out in the snow" I ask , and every one goes to get ready . except lou . he leans over and whispers in my ear

" I'm glad I had that one night to love you " then hold me in his arm.



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