1D Imagines

Just random imagines I think of. If you decide to use any of my imagines please credit me. If you would like a personal imagine don't hesitate to ask. Just let me know what guy you want in the imagine.! Love you guys!(: .xx



1. Louis Imagine for Kelsey

Imagine you've known Louis for your whole life and you start having feelings for him and you don't know if he feels the same way about you. It was movie night which is a night where you two sit on the couch and watch movies. Louis asks, "What movie would you like to watch love?" "Whatever you want to watch!" you replied. So he sits where you can't see what movie he picks. He pops 'The Conjuring' in the DVD player with a smirk and turned around to come sit back on the couch. Once the movie started playing you started to get scared. "Louis, you know I hate scary movies." you said. "Come sit by me Kelsey. I will keep you safe!" So go the regs of the movie you sat by Louis with your head on his shoulder you both fell asleep together on the couch and the next day you woke up in his arms. Louis looks at you and says, "Kelsey I have waited so long to do this..." "Do what?..." you asked. Louis leans down and kissed you. From that moment on you two started dating and lived happily ever after.


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