Kidnapped with 1D (Harry Styles fan-fic)

I was walking home and then I felt like I was being watched……. I turned around and there standing right in front of me was a tall kid about my age and he was pretty damn cute…..that was until what he did next he grabbed my arms and tied them behind my back 'HELP!' I screamed but he put a cloth over my mouth and I breathed in not knowing what to do and then everything went black…..


6. Chapter 5


Angel's (POV)



Perrie and Zayn fell asleep and me and Harry are laying on the bed talking and getting to know each other better. Harry sat up. 'Angel?' Harry asked me. 'Hmmm…' I hummed in response. 'W-w-will you b-be my g-gi-girlfriend?' he asked. I sat up and looked at him and smiled. 'Of course Harry.' I said, his face lit up and he stood up and hugged me while spinning me around.

'I promise you Angel I will get you out of here.' he said looking at me. 'I'm not leaving without you though.' I said. 'Ok, if you leave then i'm leaving to.' he said and I nodded. Just then the door burst open and in walked Nathan. Harry's smile faded and he put me behind him. 'Aww, are you two dating now? Well that won't last long if she's dead.' he said and smirked. 'Your not going to touch her.' Harry said with his teeth gritted. 

'I can do anything i want pretty boy.' by now Zayn and Perrie were wide awake and sitting up. I saw something poking out of Harrys pocket it looked like a………….gun. He must have forgot it was there. Just while i was looking at it I felt a hand grab me it was Nathan. He pulled me out from behind Harry and before I could think I grabbed the gun out of Harry's pocket and aimed it at Nathan and pulled the trigger……..


Kiki's (POV)



I was walking home when I felt two hands on my waist I was pulled into a van and I was kicking and screaming like crazy. Someone was tying my hands together behind my back and then they put a cloth on my mouth and with me being stupid I breathed in then everything went black.


Niall's (POV)



I was trying to find a way out of this stupid room when the door flew open and Siva dragged in a girl with long dirty blonde hair she was crying and bruised. 'You'll be staying in here with the irish one.' he said. I ran over to her and untied her, after I was done I picked her up and sat her on the bed. 'Are you ok? What's your name?' I asked. She opened her hazel eyes and looked at me. 

'Im fine, my names K-Kiki.' she said shaking. 'Hi I'm Niall.' I said she smiled. After that we talked for a while and got to know each other a lot better.



Harry's (POV)



After Nathan walked in I put Angel behind me and tried to get him to just leave. Zayn said something and while I was listening Nathan came over and grabbed Angel, when he pulled her away I could feel her her pull something out of my jacket pocket. She held it up and it was a gun, I forgot I had that in there with all thats been happening.

She pointed it at Nathan and pulled the trigger while turning her head. Nathan fell down on the ground with a thump she looked at what she did and gasped. Siva came in and she wasn't paying attention so I grabbed the gun out of her hand and shot him in the stomach, thats where Angel hit Nathan at. 

The other boys were soon to follow and I shot them in the same place they fell on the ground just like Nathan but they were still breathing. I grabbed Angel and hugged her. 'You ok?' I asked. She nodded her head. I then remembered we could escape now. I grabbed her hand and ran into the living room area. I saw a phone sitting on the couch and grabbed it, I dialed 911.

After I hung up with them all of the other boys and girls came out, I guess Zayn and Perrie let them out. Just then the police showed up and took Nathan and them away. The police officer went around asking everyone questions then he came to Angel. 'Do you have any family you can contact?' the police officer asked. She shook her head. 'Well then where are you going to live?' he asked. 'With me.' I added. She looked up at me and smiled. 

'Alright then.' he said then went to someone else. Angel jumped up and hugged me. 'Thank you sooooo much Harry.' she said.

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