The Lost Princess


9. you go Harry and Niall!!!!!!!!!

Harry's (p.o.v.)

I was a little heart broken that they kissed but it's ok I'm going to try and get Marissa to be mine I hope it works out our I will never love again

Nialls (p.o.v.)

I'm happy for Liam he hasn't been that happy since he broke up with Sophie ( I have nothing against Sophie but that's just how the story goes ) he wasn't even that happy with Sophie she kept bossing him around but when he looks at Jasmin you can see a twinkle in his eyes there perfect for each other who cares about age.

Liam's ( p.o.v.)

Me and Jasmin were snuggled up watching tv in my room I love her so much and I hope she knows that she is my world I looked down and she was fast asleep she looks so cute when she's asleep awe. Well I better go to sleep too if Louis is picking what we do tomorrow I know well that it will be the beach.

Next day

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes then Louis bursted threw the door he yelled " GET UP LOVE BIRDS WERE GOING TO THE BEACH AND BROOKE AND MARISSA ARE COMING !!!!!!" Then Liam moaned and threw the pillow at Louis. Louis left and I dragged my body to the closet I grabbed my lime green bikini and slipped it on then threw on a neon purple crop top and neon purple high wasted shorts I walked out and a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist I turned around and there stood the man I call my boyfriend he was wearing swim shorts and a white tank top he lend in and kissed me I had to stand on my tippey toes he was way taller then me I pulled away and put my hands on his chest he said " happy birthday babe " and he handed me a velvet box I opened it and it was a necklace with a heart and it had and L on it he said " open it " I opened it and it was me and him at the beach on the other side it said" J + L forever and always " I looked up and smiled I lend in and pecked his lips he smiled I hugged him and mumbled " thank you your the best boyfriend ever " we walked down stairs holding hands the girls looked up and smiled everyone yelled " HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZZY " I smiled and Louis came up to me and pushed a box in my hand he then yelled " OPEN IT ITS FROM ALL OF US " I opened it and it was a charm bracelet that had everyone's first letter of there name on it then there was a heart that said " friends forever and ever " I smiled and tackled all of them in a hug after all that we all pilled in the car

******* 15 minutes later *********

After that car ride and Louis singing horrible to Katy perry witch was weird because isn't he a singer for a living well anyways I got out of the car and saw Harry and Niall staring at Brooke and Marissa I smiled and pushed them to them I yelled " YOU GO GET THEM HARRY AND NIALL " they looked pissed at me I smiled and skipped to Liam I turned around and they were talking to them I smile satisfied and me and Liam started walking along the beach

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