The Lost Princess


4. old friends and love

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

After we were done with the hospital we all went back home.

Louis unlocked the door and Niall bolted to the kitchen that boy does not know when to stop eating after we all were in the house Niall shouted " EMERGENCY WERE OUT OF FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I silently laughed and Niall came out of the kitchen and went up to Liam and said" liawm can you pleawse go to the store and buy more food" Liam chuckled and nodded his head after that Niall was jumping up and down like he just won a contest I asked Liam" can I please go with you" Liam looked down at me because I was a lot shorter and smiled and nodded his head we went to Liam's black range rover he opened my door for me and I blushed and said " thank you" he smiled and went to the drivers side and hopped in. We got to the super market and we grabbed a basket he asked" how do you like living with us" " well it's interesting and does Harry always walk around naked" he looked at me with those mesmerizing brown eyes he smiled and said " ya you better get use to it he does that a lot" I nodded and walked to one of the shelfs and tried to reach one of the Nutella jars and here is one of the things I hate about being short after a while of jumping I felt someone's chest pressed against my back and there hand reached over to grab the jar. I turned around and came face to face with those mesmerizing brown eyes again and though's eyes belonged to Liam we stayed like that for a while then he cleared his throat and backed up he handed me the jar, when he handed me the jar we brushed hands and a wave of electricity went threw my hand. I turned around and went to the basket I set the jar down. When I looked back I saw Liam looking at me I looked down at my shoes being very interested in them right now" um do you want to stop at Nando's to get dinner for them" I looked up at him and asked" What's Nando's ?" He laughed and said" you'll see".we payed for the food and let's just say it was a lot he put everything in the car and drove to Nando's it was a restaurant me and Liam got out of the car and we went to the front desk the lady asked " what can I help you with today Liam" she was probably in her late 40s with brown hair and blue eyes her name tag said Eva.Liam then said" the same" she nodded and she went to the back after about twenty minutes later she came back with a giant box filled with food my eyes widen. The lady looked at me and smiled she then turned to Liam and said " how is this young lady you have with you today Liam" Liam looked at me and smiled he then turned back to the lady and said " this is Princess Jasmin Louis's little sister" she looked at me and ran around the counter squealing and hugged me I just was standing there while a stranger was hugging me. She released me and there was tears in her eyes she looked at me and said" you look just like your mother " I asked " how do you know my mum" she sighed and said " Jasmin I'm your aunt your mums sister" I just stood there gobbed smack at what she just said. Aunt Eva she was Aunt Eva I looked up at her and hugged her she was a little shock that I hugged her but it didn't take that long for her to hug me back I asked" where's Logan " she pulled back and looked me in the eyes and sighed " honestly sweet heart I don't now he moved out when he turned 18 he is now 29 but if I see him I'll tell him about you ok" I nodded my head. I sighed and said " I have to go Auntie I'll come and visit you though ok" she smiled and nodded her head,me and Liam waved goodbye he put the food in the backseat and we headed home. We got the house we grabbed the bags and box I opened the door and saw the boys but four other girls with them. Louis called me over I went to the couch and sat on the other side of him and on his left was a girl she had brown hair and brown eyes she seemed nice Louis said" Princess Jasmin I would like you to meet my girlfriend Eleanor, Eleanor I would like you to meet my sister Princess Jasmin I stuck my hand out but she pulled me into a hug I laughed and hugged her back. After I meat Eleanor Zayn told me to come over and there was a girl with blonde hair with pink or like a purple in her hair she stuck out her hand and said " hi I'm Perrie,Zayn's girlfriend " I shook her hand and said " hi I'm Jasmin " we talked for a little bit then Harry pulled me away into the kitchen he asked" do you want to help me seat the plates for dinner ?" I smiled and nodded my head. After a long argument of should the fork be on the left or right of the plate which I won, it was the right side we finally finished. Everyone came and sat down surprisingly I was between Zayn and Harry this is the arrangement right side Louis Eleanor Liam Niall left side Perrie Zayn me Harry I was looking straight at Liam there is something about him that makes my heart flutter but he will never like me even if he did Louis would never let it happen. Suddenly the door bell rang I got up and went to answer it I opened the door and there stood my two childhood best friends Brooke and Marissa she both said in unshion " Jasmin" I nodded and they squealed and tackled me into a hug now we are laughing on the floor we probably look like we need to go to a mental hospital. Harry came out of the dining room and asked" do you now each other?" I said " NO SHIT SHERLOCK " then Louis yelled" YEP YOUR RELATED TO ME!!!!!!" Then the only thing you can hear is laughter echoing there the house. I think this is the happiest I've ever been in my whole life.

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