The Lost Princess


13. MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I woke up and two strong arms were wrapped around me I looked up and it was Liam and he was bare skin then it hit me all of last night I lost my virginity but I'm glad it was to him just then the door opened and it was Zayn he said " Jasmin Liam it's um ugh never mind " he left I was so glad we were covered in a blanket I heard a chuckle I looked up and it was Liam he mumbled " that was amazing last night " I smiled and we got dressed and headed down stairs when we entered the kitchen Zayn looked up and had a cheeky smile Zayn asked " so what did you do last night " I blushed and so did Liam good thing Louis isn't in the room I came up to Zayn and whispered in is ear " you better watch it Malik are you may never have kids got that " his eyes widened and he nodded fiercely I smiled and walked back over to Liam. Liam wrapped his arm around my waist just then Julian ran in the kitchen he came up to me and stretched out his hands motioning for me to pick him up. I picked him up and he looked at Liam and said " u-uncle liawm " Liam's eyes brighten with joy and he replied " yes buddy " Julian smiled and asked " can you pleawse get me juice " Liam smiled and took Julian from me and walked over to the fridge just then Louis dragged his body into the kitchen he looked like a mess he came up to me and said " Jasmin Julian is sleeping with you and Liam tonight that little monster was kicking me last night not in the leg BUT IN THE FACE!!!!" I chuckled and nodded. I turned around and found Liam and Julian getting a bucket of ice cream and three spoons Liam said " since the boys have a interview and I don't me and Julian had a plan to watch movies and eat ice cream till we pass out " I nodded and we walked up stairs me and Liam sat down at the ends and Julian crawled between us Liam put in the movie Toy Story

Liam's (p.o.v.)

After about the fifth movie it was 8:00 p.m. Julian was crawled into my side asleep and Jasmin was laying her head on my chest I'm honored to find the most beautiful girl and her nephew is a little me he's into the same things I'm into I love them. I would do anything for them there my family now ;)

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