The Lost Princess


22. Marry Me

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I opened the door and dropped my book bag next to the door the lights were all off I followed the trail of rose pedals to a room were Julian was dressed in a tux and was holding a piece of paper he came up to me and held out the piece of paper it said

Follow Julian he will take you to your next clue

- love Liam :) xoxo

Julian grabbed my hand and led me upstairs then there was Zayn he handed me a dress and motioned me to the bathroom I changed and he curled my hair and did my light make up the dress was a white dress with a gold flower on the right shoulder Zayn handed me a piece of paper it said

Keep following Julian your getting closer to your destination

-Liam :)xoxo

Julian led me to a car witch Louis was in Julian got into the car and buckled up I got into the passengers seat and buckled up Louis drove to an old fashion ice cream parlor and there was Harry Julian got out of the car and I followed him Harry gave Julian an ice cream and gave me a piece of paper it read

Remember we're I took Julian and brought you ice cream follow Harry and Julian you'll find me

-Liam :)xoxo

Harry and Julian led me to the super market and there stood the boys and Marissa and Brooke and there stood Liam with a jar of Nutella and he said " this was the first time I realized I want to spend the rest of my life with the girl that can't reach a jar of Nutella " I giggled he took my hands and got on one knee and said " Princess Jasmin Tomlinson will you do me the honor of being my wife and spending the rest of my life with you?" I gasped and said " yes YES I will marry you " he smiled and slipped on the diamond ring he stood up and crashed his lips on me and I knew that my life was perfect

Or so I thought........

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