The Lost Princess


3. I'm who's brother/sister!?!?!?!?!

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I woke up and I looked around and this isn't my room oh then I remembered what happened yesterday. I got out of bed and tip toed out of I think Liam's room and closed the door softly, I walked down the stairs and I opened the door to the kitchen and I so a boy I couldn't see his eyes but he had light brown hair he turned around and I saw his eyes they were icy blue he said " hello I'm Louis,you are?"I said "oh sorry I'm Jasmin" he looked shock then Niall barged in the kitchen and said" you two are getting a DNA test to see if your related" me and Louis looked at him stunned then we looked at each other with a questioning look. After Niall said that Harry,Liam, and Zayn came down with a questioning look but what really caught me of guard was Harry was naked Louis looked at me then Harry and yelled"HARRY PUT CLOTHES ON THERE IS A LITTLE GIRL IN THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!" Then I looked at Louis and said" hey I'm not little I'm almost 16" after I said that he said"but your little to us" I pouted and crossed my arms and sunk in my chair then Niall said " I don't think we need a DNA test to tell you are related to the sass master" after Niall said that all the boys bursted out laughing I smiled and I was looking around and one boy caught my eye it was Liam he had chocolate brown eyes with brown hair that was flat because he just woke up then I looked at Zayn he had bed head and let's just say it looked horrible but sexy at the same time with like light brown eyes then Niall his hair was flat too he had blonde hair and brown roots with icy blue blue eyes then Harry came back he had messy chocolate curls and olive green eyes then finally Louis he had flat hair with icy blue eyes and like hazel hair I also had like hazel hair with hazel eyes with a icy blue rim. I said" I'm going to go change" I got up and I could feel there eyes burning in the back of my head I ignored it and went to the secret room and opened the door I went to the dresser and picked a pink jumper with a flower cross on it,ripped jeans and pink converse my step mum would buy clothes for me and give them to me when she came to give me something to drink or eat. I brushed my hair and slipped of my dress and put on the clothes, I went in the kitchen and all eyes were on me I shifted in place and I asked" soooo, what are we doing today?" Louis spoke first "what about twenty questions" we all nodded and went in the living room

First question Louis asked

"We're were u born?"

" Doncaster"

He said "me too"

Liam's turn" favorite color"


Harry's turn" favorite member of one direction"

I asked" what's that"

They all had there mouths opened and said in unshion" you don't know how one direction are"

"No should I, I was locked in a room for 10 years"

They all had sympathy in there expression then they all said in unshion" we're one direction"

"Oh then my favorite is Louis sorry boys oh and Liam "

Louis and Liam high fived and the rest of the boys had sad faces I said "awe boys don't be like that" I leaned and kissed all the boys cheeks they all looked red like a fire truck I giggled at how they looked

Liam's (p.o.v.)

I was actually one of her favorite members and she kissed my cheek I looked at her ,her laugh, smile, eyes,hair,height,EVERYTHING about her was the definition of PERFECT she was better then perfect. I hope someday she will be mine.

Louis's (p.o.v.)

Maybe I am her brother we both were born in Doncaster we Both have hazel hair and she looks just like mum her hair and eyes look just like my mum.

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

Me and Harry were talking about cats when Niall dragged me and Louis to the door and said" we're going to go get the DNA test are you lads coming our not?" I walked to the van and got in the driver asked " who are you?" I said " Jasmin" he asked " last name" I said" Jasmin Tomlinson " he said " get out your just a crazed fan" I hopped out of the car then Niall asked" I thought you were in the car?" I'm guessing your bodyguard thought I was a crazed fan and kicked me out " he went to the man and said " this is Jasmin Louis step sister our reall sister we don't know yet but that's why we're going to the hospital" the guard nodded and we all pilled in the van and headed to the hospital. Here we go I mite our mite not be related to Louis.

***** at the hospital *****

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I'm so nerves we signed into the hospital after a few minutes a nurse came out and said " Jasmin and Louis Tomlinson " me and Louis got up and we we're lead to a room that was all white with a brown leather chair and had a tests tubes and a needle next to it. The nurse called my name and told me to sit in the chair she laid my arm straight grabbed the needle and hooked it to a tube that lead to the test tube. She took my blood then she did the same with Louis. After that she left, about a hour later and Louis complaining that it was taking forever she came back and handed us a piece of paper it said

Dear Louis and Jasmin Tomlinson,

We did the DNA test and the results came out positive you two are 100% related to each other thank you for visiting Santa Rosa hospital.

Louis's (p.o.v.)

I'm stunned my whole life has been a lie my mum lied to me I did have a sister then one that I have known for 15 years that was stuck in the secret room for 10 years was my real sister and I didn't even do any thing about it and now I feel guilty and horrible that she was my actual sister the sister I thought was dead for ten years I hope she can forgive me.

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