The Lost Princess


10. I'm Baaaackkkk

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

Me and Liam entered the house and there stood the person that ripped me from the world for ten years Ashley she said " I'm Baaaacccccckkkkk " she then said " get back to the room Jasmin " Liam's grip tightened I whispered something in his ear he let me go and.......

Ashley's (p.o.v.)

Jasmin whispered something in Liam's ear that I couldn't hear then he let go she was walking then she turned to me and put her hands up and said " I banish your powers Ashley " then everything went black.

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

The boys came in and Louis new I had powers he was the only one and now I'm waiting for Ashley to wake up I felt movement I looked and Ashley was awake I asked " w-why did you keep me in that room " she sat up and said " I-I didn't want you to get hurt or take away my powers " I sighed and said " if I give you back your powers will you use them for good not evil " she nodded I picked up my hands and a flash of blue covered the room I left for Ashley to rest and went back over to Liam down stairs I sat down next to him and laid my head on his chest we shifted our body's so we are laying on the couch I rested my head on his chest while he plays with my hair slowly I drifted to sleep

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