The Lost Princess


16. Harry's birthday

May have sexual actions and bad language in this chapter so if you don't like that kind of language or actions don't read thank you

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

Well it's been a few months since that um Louis problem and it's February 1st Harry's birthday and the boys except Liam because there going to the pub and Liam doesn't drink and he wanted to keep me company because the girls are going and Julian is spending the nights at Lou's and Tom's house because he wanted to see lux so ya the boys just left and Liam came up behind me wrapped his arms around my waist and mumbled in my ear " well it's just us how about we have a little fun our selves?" I turned around and mumbled in his ear " why don't we take this upstairs " he carried me bridal style and gently put me on the bed he took of his shirt and threw it in the corner he came up to me and took of all my clothes and he took off his pants and boxers he slowly slid into me and started to thrust into me you know what happened next ;)

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