The Lost Princess


5. beach day

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

We all cleaned up and the girls left. After we were all done cleaning the boys helped me take my clothes to Liam's room we all said goodnight. I grabbed a pair of batman pj shorts and a batman tank top I changed and put my hair in a ponytail I said goodnight to Liam and hopped in bed when Liam turned of the light I got scared there is only reason I get scared its because I've been living in the dark my whole life I said"Liam""mhm"I said " I know this sounds weird but can I sleep with you I'm afraid of the dark" he said" ya come here" I got up and lifted the duvet and crawled in. After that I drifted to sleep.

******next morning*********

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I could feel two strong arms wrapped around my waist I slowly lifted his arms and tip toed out of bed I gently closed the door and made my way down stairs I went to the fridge and grabbed bacon,eggs,milk,and a lot of other things

********30 minutes later*************

I was done making breakfast there was eggs,waffles,bacon,tea,hash browns, and fresh orange juice. I could here five pairs of feet running down the stairs and the boys bursted there the kitchen door Niall then blurted out" I think I might marry you" then Louis AND LIAM tensed up I can see why Louis would but I'm wondering about Liam Niall then walked over to me and threw his arms around me and spun me around singing " say I doooooo, he baby I think I want to marry you" I started laughing he then stopped spinning me and looked at the food saying " this is the most food I've every seen at one time" he then wiped a fake tear away I smiled and handed him a plate then I went to the other boys and handed them a plate. After breakfast we all were sitting in the living room well more like sprawled out on the floor everyone was moaning it was summer and it felt like it was 100 degrees in here Louis sat up and looked at me I was laying my head on Liam's lap he asked " have you ever been to the beach little sis " I shook my head he then got that smirk on his face he said " boys how about we take the little Princess to the beach? " all the boys shook there heads yes I got up and me and Liam went to his room I went in the closet and grabbed a blue and white stripped bikini a crop top and high waisted shorts I changed and put on white sandals I walked down stairs and Louis looked at the boys then back at me and shook his head he grabbed my hand and took me back up stairs he took me to his room and threw on a whole bunch of jackets and sweaters and then scarfs. He then dragged me down stairs Harry asked " hay where's Jasmin" I looked at Liam and wobbled over the rest of the boys were to busy rolling on the floor he seemed amused from how I looked I gave him my puppy dog eyes and said " liawm can you pleawse help me get out of this death trap " he smiled and started unzipping the jackets. After about ten minutes of laughing and unzipping jackets we were all finally in the car it didn't take that long to get to the beach we unloaded the van and Zayn asked me " hay jazzy race you to the water "I stripped from my shorts and shirt and shoes and sprinted to the water surprisingly I won . I did a little happy dance and Zayn started laughing. Zayn said " you now Louis isn't going to be happy with that bathing suit " I chuckled and said " please I already new that " he smiled then Louis called us over to play beach volleyball. When we got there Harry came up to me and said " like the bathing suit stripes " i blushed then Louis came up to me and said " I don't like that bathing suit " I hugged him and whispered " don't worry I don't like any of the boys like that " that was a lie.

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