In the Presence of Love

Miranda Summers knows tons about love but never had actually had a bf. Who knows? What if her true love is 1000 miles away.


2. Tuesdays

Tuesdays we would all go to study hall then leave early so we could go out to the coffee shop on the corner and hang out. My usual tuesday group was Susan Briers, Tiffany Hampton, and always James and Molly. We would all go together, drink are favorite coffees and then watch James and Molly go off somewhere to kiss alone. Soon the weather got cold, very cold. I counted the days until christmas break, but Molly and James wanted every second to last longer so they would have more time to be together before they separated for 2 weeks. Big woop. I watched a relationship go from nothing to a huge blossom. All me and Jessica dreamed about was finding those 6 pack boyfriends who would kiss us and love us. Soon enough winter break came as fast as a heart beat. Christmas, presents, sleep. Everything I dreamed of. A couple days before the end of break, a text came in from an unknown number.

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