Christmas in Panem

Katniss and Peeta's children meet Santa while he's delivering the gifts in Panem.


2. Rye (POV)

I heard a noise. A bang. I think it was downstairs. I am too scared to check though. Bad things can happen. I don't want to fight.

I hear light footsteps too. They are Willow's. I slide out of my bed and go to check, leaving my woolen blanket wrapped around me. The door creaks when it opens. I see Willow looking at me from across the fall. She raises one finger to her lip. She has done that before, when we have had secrets, it means be quiet or don't tell anyone.

I let my blanket drop to the floor and follow her. She knows what she is doing. Willow is a big girl.

We go down the stairs and she helps me jump the ones that make noise. We then weave through the various doorways to get to the tree. Willow stops at each door. She holds me against the wall with one arm and opens the door with the other. She slowly peers around before letting me go and moving into the room. It feels like we are playing spys.

When we get to the last room I get really scared. I know the noise is in here.

Willow looks around the door. She has to put a hand over her mouth. I think she nearly screamed.

I act brave, like a big boy, and look around the door.

The person is a big, fat man. He wears red clothes with a silly hat and he has a white beard. He has presents in his hands. He looks scared of us.

I think it might be Santa.

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