When Devil meets Angel.

As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be okay.
Sometimes even best friends make mistakes.
This is the type of story where everything went so out of hand.

-Based on a true story.-


8. Chapter 7.

Guys, I'll try to make the chapters longer and more descriptive. Because yesterday, me and Paulie talked and she said that she thinks the problem with this story is that it has barely any character descriptions. So I'll try to improve all of that. I might also make a character profiles post, so you's would have at least slight idea what everybody looks like, is like, etc. 

Anyways, this is for Paulie, because I feel guilty, because I had to dump her in the library alone today because of my mother and we got into a fight today and i just feel like the biggest bitch ever. And now she came back home with the most terrible mood ever she won't tell me what is going on and she is saying all she wants is to die..so. I am worried and yep. Don't know.

Whatever.. -Janey.


"What would you like?" A fairly cute guys asks Paulie, in McDonald's. Yes we do adore this place. We can spent hours here without moving, so. "One large big mac, meal, with coke, large black coffee without milk or sugar, and caramel frappucino." She says it all in one sentence and I chuckle behind her. Ever since first year she has always been the one to order our stuff. I just hate ordering things for myself, or for anybody. When Paulie pays, which I have to point didn't cost as much as we counted, so he might of gave her a discount or something we go up to the 3rd floor and find ourselves a table. "Am I the only one who noticed that, you didn't pay as much as you were supposed to? " I exclaim and she laughs. "Nah," She drags off the 'a' "I am sure he counted this all right. "She says and I smile. "I am sure he gave you a discount. " I state and she slaps my shoulder lightly. "Even if I did, he was cute so " She says and winks. I giggle and shake my head. "Not my type, he wouldn't go for me, I wouldn't go for him. Too flirty." I say and she shakes her head. "I don't want relationships with him. You know. "She explains and I nod my head. "I know, you only wanted relationships with James and after all he did, its explainable why you'd rather play around than get into relationships." 

James, a guy Paulie has been in love with since we met, that was when we were twelve years old.He was fourteen back then. She liked him, straight away. She is sixteen now and he is eighteen, and she says she is over him. Sometimes it still feels like she is still into him. And I was sure until he got a girl that he liked her back. I still think that.  I myself, wouldn't go for him. He is a jerk kind of guy. When she told him she loves him, he used her. He was asking her to come over every single time he felt like having sex, he asked her loads of different stuff and she agreed to that because even if she didn't admit that, she was hoping that he'd fall in love with her. Then it became even worse when he let his friends do stuff with her. Loads of girls around our area started calling her a slut, or whore, or hoe etc. But thanks to god, she is a strong girl who never lets hate get to her, or I don't know how it all would of ended up like. Anyway's, once she just decided to stop it all. Her and James. She grew tired and she stopped. She deleted him from anywhere possible. Maybe even her heart. And ever since then, she doesn't want relationships. Then there was Jimmy, this is a very long story. 

Jimmy and Anto. Two best friends. They found us on ask.fm. A site where people ask each other questions and stuff. And they kind of became our secret admirers. Well, type of. They would give us hints who they are and stuff. And in the end we just found out that Jimmy is James. And Anto is well Anto he never really tried hiding who he is. We grew very close to them, there was loads of memories shared, words said, fights. But one day they just left. We don't know why, we don't know what lead to that, they just left. 

So I understand why she doesn't want relationships. 

"What you thinking of?" She asks in an Irish accent and I giggle. "You sound just like him." I reply and she winks. "Gisty?" and I nod my head. "I miss them you know." I answer to her questions and she looks at me confused. "Anto and Jamby. (Nickname gives by us to Jimmy.) " I whisper and look down at my cup of coke. "I miss them too." She says but she manages to keep her face expression the same, like it doesn't affect her at all. But it does, She admitted it that she would of loved it, if he stayed with her. If he was still there. She just doesn't mention it any more. 

And I try not to bring it up, because I know it hurts her. It hurt me too when they said;" It's over." But it must of been harder for her  because she liked Jimmy. Anto however was just like a big brother to me. 

"That means it just wasn't meant to be." she says and I sip my coke slowly. "Maybe. " I reply. And she starts sipping her coffee slowly too. "I don't think its ever meant to be, though. Its either you take a chance or not. If you don't, you'll never know how it could of been." She mumbles and I bite my lip. "I think destiny is there. It's just taking so fucking long. Too long if you ask me. If destiny ever took less time, it could of saved so many lives. " 




Don't ask me...Just..I don't even know.


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