When Devil meets Angel.

As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be okay.
Sometimes even best friends make mistakes.
This is the type of story where everything went so out of hand.

-Based on a true story.-


3. Chapter 2.


For Paulie. She is having a rough day so I decided to dedicate this to her, since not everybody who cries is a wimp.Not everybody who has trust issues is mentally ill. I love you Paulie. And trust me when I say this. You're strong. You're beautiful. And even if you let a couple of tears slip out someday I still see you as the most inspirational and strongest person in my life. <3 I want everybody to know that someone out there definitely loves you and it might be the person you haven't met yet, it might be your little or big sister, or a stranger who walked by on the street today, or your best friend. No matter what you're all loved and you shouldn't give up on this life. 

( It will be Janey's p.o.v until i say it changes. ) 


I Think I have a full McDonald's listening to my giggles right now. Paulie is teaching me Latvian now and I repeat it after her and apparently that sounds adorable to her. Especially since there's a cute guy sitting right on the next table to my right and Paulie keeps on saying he steals glances at me. "You're in a bad mood. " Paulie suddenly states and i look up from my cup of coke I've been toying with the last two hours we've been here. "You're thinking about it aren't you." I look her in the eye and then immediately take away my eyes. I hate eye contacts. "No. " I say and she just smiles sadly and looks down at her arms. 



"Its him isn't it? " I type quickly, with a couple mistakes since I can not think straight right now. See, some things happened, about ten minutes ago. I texted him, i fucking texted him took up all my courage and texted him he was flirty with me all day and for once I believed I had a chance with him, again.

"Well sorry I don't like you." 

Those words, how much they mean. I will always see them in my mind. They will always stay there. He doesn't like me. And he never did. It was all just my imagination playing tricks again. 

And now Paulie, said that she is texting some guy and she is asking him to come over. And for some reason I have a feeling its him. I asked her if its him about five minutes ago already but she denied it. But I have a feeling she has lied. 


She replies and i chuckle sadly. That name. Well nickname. His name is Christopher, he prefers Gisty though, so everybody calls him that. "How do you know?" she asks again, and I gasp. It is him. Its him. 

"Well you just told me that they guy you asked over is going to come now and he suddenly goes offline. Its him. " I say and she finally admits to it. 

"I am going to sleep. " I say and go offline of course I won't be able to fall asleep straight away. I need to check when he comes back from hers too. Ten minutes later I text her asking is he is still there. But she replies that he left already. I decide not to push down on my own nerves and just go to sleep straight after that. 

It was only the next day when I found out, what was done, what was said, what he had on. And what I felt. 

It hurts. But I decided to squash down my own feelings and hide them behind a huge lock. And in the end I picked my best friend over a guy. But I never ever forgot what happened. 

That he said. 

That she did. 

That they both did. 

I never did. And I don't think I ever will. 


End of Flashback. 

-a shit chapter but it had to be written so. enjoy :) 




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