When Devil meets Angel.

As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be okay.
Sometimes even best friends make mistakes.
This is the type of story where everything went so out of hand.

-Based on a true story.-


17. Chapter 14.

Its the 7th. This day a year ago Paulie tried taking her own life. Thank god she failed. Anyways as she likes to call it we're going out to 'celebrate' today. Well no one really celebrates the shit days, but us. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen today too, Paulie has been really off today and she keeps on zooming off all the time, we got into a fight too. In the morning a black cat crossed the road right in front of her, so it makes sense why I am nervous about everything on a day like this. 

* - * - * - * - * - * 

"Is that Gisty?" I ask and then I realise its him I groan loudly. He is walking right towards us well he didn't notice us yet so I don't think he really knows he is but. 

He walks into a Londis shop and Paulie smirks. "I suddenly, really really need to get a drink. I am very thirsty." She exclaims emphasising on the word 'really' I roll my eyes and stomp my feet on the ground like a child who didn't get the toy she wanted. " You go and get yourself a drink then I'll stay here." i reply and she chuckles pushing me towards the shop already. 

When we walk into the shop I see him staring at the freezer trying to pick out the ice-cream he wants, he is so focused on it. I smile slightly. Then me and Paulie go up to a fridge I grab a coke for Paulie and stuff it into her hands, because she is going to pay for it. By an 'accident' Gisty somehow ended up being right in front of us. I look down at his hands and see he has a pack of Haribo's there too. How cute can he get? I smile slightly but then i notice he is turning back I quickly snap my head to stare at the wall on the other side of the shop. I can barely stop myself from smiling but I know I have to, I am tired of being one of those girls for him. 

I notice from the corner of my eyes, him staring at Paulie and I just glare at the wall. I hate him so bad for this. "How are you?" He asks her and I just look down at the floor. Fucking jerk. I am here too you know. 

Paulie looks at me and quickly gets me a tissue. "I don't need it." I say and she just gives it to me. I have a runny nose. And yes I might wanna cry over him, just a single tiny little bit. 

He likes her. All over again.

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