When Devil meets Angel.

As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be okay.
Sometimes even best friends make mistakes.
This is the type of story where everything went so out of hand.

-Based on a true story.-


16. Chapter 13.

“It is one thing to make a choice and it is another thing to never have the chance.” 
-Ally Condie



I hate today. Officially hate today. First me and Paulie got into a fight, second of all my mom said I am too chubby, and third of all Paulie is preparing for her exams so she doesn't really keep up with the talks I start about something. I understand though. Tests are important. 

Well not for me I know I am gonna fail everything anyways. So I gave up on my studying. No point anyways. Then there's Anto who is also being a prick. The guy put up a status about how he is gonna delete everytbody he doesn't talk to and everybody who annoys him on facebook, but he didn't delete me in the end. So that's basically like fucking giving me another fake chance. 

I hate guys who give girls chances and in the end they turn out liking your best friend. Really like? Why can't you just tell a fucking truth straight away. 


I groan and throw another pen at the wall. That's how bored I am. 



Me and Paulie are sitting in the park and Anto and James' twin Adam comes over to us while Paulie is looking through my drawings. "Hi." they says but we just ignore them . "Can we look?" The nod towards the portfolio and I just shrug. 

A while after Paulie looked through all of the drawings Adam said; "I would of drawn it better." I just laughed. "What ? Its true." He says and I just smile.

That day Anto was really nice. Well as nice as he can get. 


end of flashback. 


If only I knew what nothing would of worked out in the end anyways. 


Another flashback 


"S'up Janey?" Gisty says and I can feel my cheeks heating up, Paulie just nudges me playfully and I giggle. "Hi." I reply. "I heard you like someone I know. " Yes you, I think in my head but stay silent. "He is blonde, sings and stuff." He keeps going. "Niall Horan?" I question and he smiles. "Yep I talked to him yesterday and all, do ya want me to buy you One Direction tickets?" He asks and I just laugh it out thinking he is joking. "No really." He says and then laughs himself. "I wanted to get tickets to Justin Bieber too, but decided not to." He says and I smile. "you like Justin? "I reply and he shrugs. "has a couple nice songs." 

End of flashback. 


I was the happiest that day, he talked to me, asked me to text him, but when I did he told me he doesn't like me, and then went to Paulie's house to have fun. 

I hate people like that. Who give false hope just to see how the person fucking reacts. 

People like Gisty, and in some situations people like Anto too. 

And I am always the fool who falls for all of that. 

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