When Devil meets Angel.

As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be okay.
Sometimes even best friends make mistakes.
This is the type of story where everything went so out of hand.

-Based on a true story.-


2. Chapter 1.

https://24.media.tumblr.com/eaa198c0170e2f3d9fa919a74297f062/tumblr_mq1njza0SZ1qbr76lo1_500.gif - Janey. 

I stare to my right again, zooming out from class again staring at my best friend from the corner of my eyes. Her name is Paula, formally but for me she is forever Paulie. She is older than me just by a month but morally I think we have a ten years gap. She is naturally blonde but now she has dyed her hair very dark brown so you'd say she has black hair now and today she has extensions in her hair. Blue eyes, tiny, short. She is pretty. And it's not just me who thinks that. I snap out and look down at the pen I've been twisting between my fingers, I always do it. 

'You're not paying attention to the class.' She whispers quietly so no one would hear us, I just look at her for a while and without replying look back down at the page the teacher had given us out ten minutes ago which is by now fully covered in doodles. 'I wish you'd forget that day by now. ' She passes me the note with her messy handwriting splattered across the page. ' Me too. ' I reply and sent it back. 



Its my first year in school and my first sports day. Boring. I sigh and look around to look at the people. Mostly its girl from my class chatting together and taking photos and stuff. I look to the opposite side of myself and see another one of my classmates I didn't really heard from her in class, she is always reading and never really talks to anybody. And I am the shy type so I don't talk to people first either. She has earphones in and she is reading while slightly shaking her head to the music. She is in sweatpants like most of the girls here and red and white long sleeved shirt. Has blonde long hair which are slightly wavy tied in a high ponytail. 

She glances my way and smiles before looking back down at her book. I chuckle and start playing on my own phone myself. 'I like your earrings. ' A girl who I know is in my year and who I hate already without talking to her says and I just slightly smile at her. They're simple gold, dolphin shaped earrings. Nothing special. 'Charlene fuck off away from here. ' the girl with the books says without looking up from her words on the page. Charlene replies with something but I don't bother listening any more. 'She is stupid you know you shouldn't pay attention to people like her. ' the girl says and I laugh. I don't know why she just has that effect. She laughs too and closes her book. 'Paula. ' She says and i move up to sit on the seat beside her. 'Jane. 'I reply back. 


End of flashback.

That was four years ago. 17th of September, the day me and Paulie became friends. First year was nothing special we wouldn't admit we were friends wouldn't share too much stuff either. And then we kind of clicked. My secrets became our secrets. Her secrets became ours. We lived through loads of difficulties. Sometimes we tried stopping being friends. Sometimes stuff was happening that it looked like we should not be friends. But we still are best friends. 


But you know what my problem is? I am jealous. I am jealous of my own best friend. And she knows. There was people in my life who picked her over me. Important people. 


'Janey. ' She says and I turn her way, she was about to say something but all of her books fall of the desk and I crack up right in the middle off the class. 'Oh shush you." She mumbles. 


She is my best friend. the person I trust blindly, the person who hurt me in the past. She was always there. And she was the only person who didn't leave me for somebody else. 

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