live with you

how would u feel when one day u came home and u mum weren't there but one direction were ? well ,shannay brown a normal girl from Brighton screamed laughed and cried .when a 19 year old girl lives with one direction something is bound to happen .and that something is drama .


2. explain

when we were downstairs tia got me some soup and the boys sat on the sofa opposite ."so why are u here" I asked .Louis was the first to speak " well we were told w could stay here for the next 4 years .so why are u here" he asked I was shocked . I  am here cause I live here thx very much " I said a bit annoyed." well u cant live here they said no one was here ...wait that's probes why the bed rooms were furnished." I was really mad now ." well I d live here .I have lived here my hole life . so u can stay till u find another place but thus is my house." I said " wait who told u all this boys" tia said curious " a lady called Clair ." zany replied . " I cant believe this ." I said trying not to brake down. " what's the matter   love " Louis said trying to comfort me by rubbing my back. "well the woman who said u could stay here was her mum and she just left her ,abandoned her that's why she ran into her room crying." tia said "oh that explains things " said liam.i stood up and said " well im going to bed u guys sleep any were ,tia come-on I got the spare bed in my room." I went up stairs and layed on my bed. I heard the door open I looked up to find Louis I tryied not to stare he was my fav he spoke."well missy u seemed a tad lonely up here so I thought a hot babe ike u would need some company." I blushed thx goodness it was dark now ." I think ill be fine " I replied .but he ignored me make me move over and lying down next to me ."night shannay" he said kissing me on the forhead.



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