Saving Santa Claus

Christmas day was coming fast and Santa Claus was kidnapped by Jack Frost. Then James Frost, Jack Frost's unknown brother has to stop his jelous brother from making the biggest mistake of his life. He has to stop his brother from ruining Christmas!


2. Trouble Occurs

Santa wandered down to the reindeer stables to see how the sleigh was getting on. As he arrived all the elves immediatly stopped what they were doing and stood in a neat line. Santa said loudly "well done boys, back to work". The elves saluted saying "sir yes sir!" and then they continued to retrieve the reins, and lure the reindeer out of their stables with carrots. As the elves began to hook up all the reindeer to the sleigh, one ofthe reins snapped in half. Santa gasped in shock as an elf began pleading it wasn't his fault. Santa smiled, and chuckled "ho, ho, ho! No worries my little friend, bad things happen. What matters most is the fact that you apologized. Just go and get the spare pair. Where would we be if we didn't prepare for a few mishaps?" The elves came out holding the spare pair, also in two halves.  "I'm sorry Santa Sir, but these reins appear to have been tampered with". Santa took the reins from the elves, and looked closely at them. "This can't be". Santa looked alittle shocked as he said "somebody as purposly cut slits in these, so they easily snap. Too easily lucky for us, as I belive this was done to snap in mid-flight so I fall to my fate". The elves all gasped saying "who would do such a thing to Santa Claus!?"

Santa tried to reassure them by saying as softly as a big guy could "no worries, I shall go and get the toy factoy to repair them. With so many little hands, it will be done in no time". Santa then walked off with the reins in one hand. When he walked into the toy factory, every teenie-tiny little elf stopped whatever they were doing. The factory stood still like time had stopped in it's tracks. Every single elf bowed to their master. Santa said with a friendly smile "that's quite enough of that ladies and gentlemen". He then held the reins out and said with a sigh "there has been awkward complications with these reins, as well as the spare pair. I need you lot to work together quickly to get them fixed for tonight". The elves all ran over to assist Santa, as they grabbed the reins off of him, and powered up the sewing machine once more.

Santa chuckled joyfully and headed towards the five elves guarding the doors to the toy factory. He bent down and whispered quietly to them all so as to not alert the other workers to what he was about to say. "Gather round boys. Theres a bit of a fishy situation going on". One mature looking blonde haired elf, with a neat little beard said in a slightly deep voice (well deep for an elf anyway) "what seems to be the problem boss?" Santa lowered his voice a little more and said "somebody tampered with both pairs of reins". Santa showed them the spare pair with the scissor cuts all over the place. All five elves gasped with shock, and a ginger haired elf with a cute mostache said with disgust "who would do such a thing!? You could have been killed!" Santa quickly covered the elf's mouth putting his finger to his lips to tell him to be quiet. "I don't want to worry the factory workers. This reins problem is going to put us behind as it is. Just scoop the area for any clues to who did this ok".

Before the five guard elves could reply a nervous looking bald elf, with huge dumbo ears sqeaked "what is wrong Santa sir?" Santa tried his best to reassure the terrified little elf. "Don't worry about a thing. Our best guards are going to check out the area, and report back to me as soon as possible". The elf soon began to slowly calm down. Santa said commandingy "now to work the lot of you. I don't wany anymore complications so close to christmas day". Santa then looked a little a queazy as he said with a shudder "are you the elf I put in charge of the control room?" The bald-haired elf nodded yes. Santa ran into the workshop at the same moment the entire power shut down.

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