Saving Santa Claus

Christmas day was coming fast and Santa Claus was kidnapped by Jack Frost. Then James Frost, Jack Frost's unknown brother has to stop his jelous brother from making the biggest mistake of his life. He has to stop his brother from ruining Christmas!


3. Santa-napped (aka kidnapped)

Santa bellowed with rage. "WHO'S THERE! COME OUT AND SHOW YOUSELF!" It was pitch black so Santa couldn't see a thing. Not only did the machines power off, so did all the colourful christmas lights. An evil laugh followed after Santa's loud shouting. "YOUR GOING ON THE NAUGHTY LIST!" A familiar voice replied saying a snide remark. "Oh please! I've been on your naughty list for as long as I can remember. Either that or nobody remembers me!" Santa said in shock "Jack Frost!" A blonde spiky haired guy with dark blue eyes like shimmering pools came slowly out of the shadows. He said mysteriously "that's right. The one thst brings all the snotty little kids the snow they so wish for! But them Santa comes along to rain on my parade with his presents, and his pathetic naughty and nice list!" Santa said reassuringly "I'm sure some people appreciate you. I know for a fact everyone loves the snow you bring".

Jack Frost yelled as snow fell from his eyes like tears "THAT'S RIGHT! THEY ONLY APPRECIATE THE BLASTED SNOW I DO BRING!" Santa tried to reason with him as time was running out to get ready for christmas day. The delay was going go mess a lot of things up. "Look the snow makes them happy, so surely that means you make them happy right?" Jack Frost looked sadly down at the floor "then how come the kids draw snowflakes, angels, stars, and the red jolly fat man who brings presents. The blasted reindeer get more recognition than I ever will!" Santa got a little offended by the fat comment. He shouted crossly in his defence "well what do you expect if kids parents insist on telling their kids to leave out cookies all the time. I must get enough cookies in my belly to feet me till the next christmas!" Jack Frost let out a short sarcastic laugh and said madly "at least you get cookies".

Santa was over talking. He had to get the toy factory back in action so he said aloud "ok enough talk. I have to bring christmas to all the nice girls and boys of the world. I'm behind on all the work as it is. You cutting the reindeers reins could have got me killed young man!" Jack Frost laughed sickly and said darkly "exactly". Santa shouted saying "and you wonder why your always on thr naughty list, and nobody remembers you! Your a bad role model for the kids of the world. That's why their parents neglect to mention you in all the stories of magical people like the tooth fairy, and th easter bunny!" Jack Frost cried out with rage as he held his hand out, shooting ice at Santa. "HOE DARE YOU YOU JOLLY FAT MAN!" Santa was frozen stiff in a massive ice cube. Jack Frost clicked his fingers causing himself, and Santa to disappear into thin air, leaving the elves stood like statues, in shock.

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