Saving Santa Claus

Christmas day was coming fast and Santa Claus was kidnapped by Jack Frost. Then James Frost, Jack Frost's unknown brother has to stop his jelous brother from making the biggest mistake of his life. He has to stop his brother from ruining Christmas!


6. Remembering Jack Frost

James Frost came to a hault at an icy lair of darkness. It was completely secluded from any life, and everything around it was dead. All the trees, and even the flowers. Nothing grew here, not a single sight of greenary. James Frost quickly jumped down from the sleigh, and ran into the cave of icicles. "Jack Frost! You let Santa go right this instant!" Jack Frost moaned crossly saying "Aww! You always ruin my fun James! Big brothers are no fun at all!". James Frost sighed and sai seriously "you can't just keep trying to ruin other holiday traditions because yours ain't doing so well". Jack Frost sighed and said "I guess not". He could never stand up to his big brother. James Frost rushed over to cut Santa Claus free from the chair he was tied to. "Thank you young man. Your brother has ruined christmas for all the young girls and boys I'm afraid. There's just no time to deliver the presents now. The sun is up, and chrildren are already waking up early" Santa said sadly. James Frost smiled and said cheerfully "got you covered. I delivered all the presents for you". Santa hugged James Frost happily causing him to cough in his tight grip.

Santa headed to the sleigh as the two brothers lingered close behind him. "Well I'd best be off". Before he went he handed James Frost a present wrapped in green wrapping paper. Inside was a glass snowflake ornament. James Frost thanked Santa. Jack Frost didn't get anything for being s naughty. Before Santa could leave he shook his head sadly saying "oh no, no, no that just won't do". James Frost said "what's wrong Santa. Are the reindeer still tired from their flight? Your welcomr to rest here a while longer if you like". Santa tutted and said "no there fine, it's the poor children". James Frost gasped in shock shouting "I didn't accidently mix their presents up in a rush did I?!" Santa laughed and said joyfully "oh no, you did thay perfectly, and even remembered to eat the cookies as well". James Frost blushed and said "the reindeer helped a little".

James Frost said with wonder "so what is the problem then?" Santa said with a sigh "all the young children have woken up, and gone to their windows in hope for snow you see". Santa projected a video on the side of his sleigh using his magical white glove. A little girl was talking with her brother. She said sadly "there's no snow Johney". The little boy began to cry saying with greif "has Jack Frost forgotten about us this year?" Jack Frost looked shocked, as a broad amile spread across his face. "They remember me, THEY REMEMBER ME!" He then begged Santa to fly him around the world quickly so he could make it show for everyone. The young children of the desert looked so confused when it began to snow, covering the sand with a layer of white snow. At the end of the sleigh ride as Jack and James Frost said fairwell to Santa, he called Jack Frost back to the sleigh. He handed him a present wrapped in blue wrapping paper. Inside was a snow globe. As Santa went to leave he smiled and said cheerfully "may you make it snow for all the girls and boys of the world eaxh and every christmas".

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