Saving Santa Claus

Christmas day was coming fast and Santa Claus was kidnapped by Jack Frost. Then James Frost, Jack Frost's unknown brother has to stop his jelous brother from making the biggest mistake of his life. He has to stop his brother from ruining Christmas!


4. Jack Frost's Brother

As soon as Jack Frost and Santa has vanished from the elf toy factory, another man had now appeared in their place. He had brown hair, that spiked only at the fringe, and dark brown eyes like muddy puddles. "Am I to late!?" The stranger shouted as he quickly looked around himself, as if looking for someone. "Was a guy called Jack Frost here just now?! Where's Santa?! Please tel me he didn't!" One brave young elf child stood forward saying with a nervous sqeaky stutter "Jack Frost has cut the reindeers reins, shut down the toy factory, and now kidnapped Santa Claus!" The stranger fell to the floor with his hands covering his face. "I'm too late!" He cried out with dissapointment.

"I have no idea what has gotten into my brother!" The elf child said slightly confused "wait a minute. Your Jack Frost's brother? Have you come to kidnap us as well?!" The elf child cried out the last bit of that sentance in a panic. All the other elves gasped, and backed away in fear. "Don't be silly. I'm James Frost, Jack Frost's big brother. I am suppost to keep him out of trouble, but at times that is quite tough. He sneaked off once again, and now he's going to end up destroying an entire tradition. Like when he nearly eliminated easter last year. It's all down to purw jelousy. I can't let him ruin christmas for all the young innocent children on the world!"

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