Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


6. The never ending drive

Amber's POV

Once I finally regain the ability to move I make my way, to sit with Mahi and the rest of the childish boys. I didn't really want to join them, but i'd rather be there than sitting here to the side remebering how Louis' voice was so sexy, so husky. The way his li- Wait?! I'm fantasizing over Louis fucking Tomlinson! No, he is nothing but an insignificant five year old tapped in the body of a twenty - two year old man with an amazing body and gorge- Shut up! Argh!

Mahi's POV

"Well look who decided to come out from her corner!" I playfully nudge Amber's shoulder.

"Shut up Mahi," she says, her tone emotionless however I could see the small smile at her lips. Hours go by, with us just messing about and doing absoloutely nothing productive. Harry continues to tell us more of his terrible yet hilarious knock-knock jokes. I laugh till I'm in stitches but every time I turn to look at Amber she looks as though she's in seriously deep thought. I really should ask her what's on her mind later.

"What are you thinking so deeply about?" Liam asks Amber and she rotates her head to face him.

"Nothing," she replies, making it clear that their conversation was at an end.

"Let's play a game then?" Niall suggests, facing me. I can't help but notice the way hus lips turn up when he smiles and the way his icy blue orbs glitter under the dimly lit room. He gives me smile and I instantly feel the heat rise to my cheeks as he turns to face Amber again.

"Sure," she sighs.

"But I have more jokes!" Harry childishly states.

"Truth or Dare?" Zayn suggests, interupting Harry and we all nod, but Amber just stays, deep in thought. At that exact moment Louis walks into the room and Ambers body stiffens. What was that about?

"What are you guys playing?" Louis asks as Niall places an empty beer bottle on the ground.

"Truth or Dare," I answer politely.

"I'm playing," he says and sits next to Amber, so close he's nearly on top of her. I smile at the thought of Amber and Louis together, Lamber? Loumber?

Amber shifts uncomfortably and moves slightly farther away only to have Louis inch even closer to her.

"Let's start!" Harry says clapping his hands. He spins the bottle and the tip spins around and around before landing on Niall.

"Ah luck of the irish right?" he says sarcastically.

"Truth or dare Nialler?" Liam asks. Niall strokes his chin, pretending to be in deep thought before saying, "Dare."

"Spend the rest of the game shirtless," Harry says, looking at me. Shit.

"But it'll be cold!" Niall whines childishly.

"Off" Louis says and with a huff he lifts up his shirt revealing his perfect abs and amazing six pack.

"Ahem," Harry coughs dramatically, obviously noticing me staring at Niall. Great. just fucking great!

Ambers POV

I don't understand the point of this game... You embarass a few people, you upset a few others. It's stupid. Niall spins the bottle and it lands on Mahi, a surprised gasp comes out of her mouth and Niall rubs his hands together mischeviously.

"Truth or dare?" Zayn asks.

"Truth," she replies.

"You would say truth, such a girl" Harry scoffs.

"No I'm not!"Mahi says. "Fine, dare" she replies narrowing her eyes at Harry, only to earn a low chuckle from him.

"Urm.. I don't know any good dares," Niall says with a shrug of his shoulders.

"I have one," Louis states from beside me, his sudden burst of words startling me causing me to jump a little.

"Go on then Lou," Harry tempts. A smirk slowly splays itself across his skin.

"Mahi, you are to straddle Niall until his next dare" Louis says his smirk growing.

A shocked expression appears on Mahi's face, howevers Niall's stays completely neutral.

"But he's shirtless!" Mahi whines.

"Tough, you can go keep him warm," Louis says, not giving Mahi a choice.

"Fine," she mumbles amd walks over to Niall.

"Come here!" Niall grins, opening his arms wide and she hesistantly wraps her beautifully thin legs around Niall's waist, and wrapping her arms around his shoulders as his entertwine at the small of her back. A few pictures are snapped and a few annoyed complaints come from Niall and Mahi, they're bodies still entangled.

"Well carry on will you so I can get off of Niall sometime today!" Mahi groans. Every one laughs and the bottle is spun again. I watch intently as the bottle spins and spins, around and around only to land on Louis.

"Truth," he says before anyone can ask him.

"Awh come on, don't be a pussy" Liam taunts.

"Shut the fuck up I said truth," Louis says his voice expressionless. Liam holds his hands up as a sign of surrender.

"Okay Okay," He says lauging. "Hmm..." he hums stroking the stubble on his chin before saying.

"Who's the hottest girl here?"

"What the hell Liam, theres only two girls here" Louis says.

"So?" Liam says with a shrug of his shoulders.

Louis sigs in defeat before leaning back on the palms of his hands and stretching his feet out, elongating them. his gaze shifts from mine to where Mahi is still entertwined with Niall. His eyes finally meet mine, and he says with a knowing smirk,




Ehehehe me again!!! I decided to double update becuase its midnight and I'm bored and I 'm also going to be really busy tomorrow with dance rehearsals so here you go! The next chapter written by yours truly :)x I re read the last chaoter and realised all the typos, my keyboard is a spazz. I'm sorry. And it sometimes said you instead of "I" or "me" or "my." That's because I usually write imagines in that point of view. I need to actually re read and scrutinize the chapters for faults and shit. But anyway yeah, theres the next chapter. The next chapter'll be by your beautiful Mahiiiiiiii. Thanks for reading! Ash xxx


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