Hate Turns into Love

Two girls called Amber and Mahi decides to go to a One Direction concerts however one of them hates One Direction what will she do when one of them fall for her?


8. Morning

Ambers POV

I got no sleep last night.

None at all.

All I could think about was the way Louis plump lips felt against my skin. The way his hands trailed around my small frame, in a comfoting, seductive way. I loved it, however I shouldn't have. This whole trip is not going as I had hoped.

One year.

One whole fucking year!

I have to spend a whole year with this boy! I can't do it. But I have to, for Mahi. I promised her this years ago, when we were children and I can't back out of this now, but I definitely don't know what to do about Louis. I mean, yesterday I thought I was falling for him. But now that I rethink it, maybe I was just living in the moment. I can't possibly be falling for him, fuck I can't possibly have any feelings for him anyway. Too immature. I realise that my eyes have been closed all this time, I tend to do that when I'm thinking deeply. In virtue of my lack of sleep I decide to keep them closed. But when they were closed, all I could think about was Louis. To say that his eyes were blue was like saying that the sun was yellow. Sufficient but not accurate to capture the burning. I could easily get lost within them, in the years that I have lived I have encountered many people with blu eyes, but no one had the same...twinkle? The same feature that distracted me entirely froom the topic at hand. It was an astonisjhing sight, that was probably my favourite feature of his. I was brought out of my daydreams about Louis when I felt the mattress dip down under the heavy weight of someones body. Who was it? I open my eyes and see Mahi. Once she see's that your awake her lips curl up into a smirk. Oh dear, what was this about?

"You and Louis huh?" she asks that smirk still playing across her face. The light from the lamp beside her enhances her beauty even more. You groan in frustration and grab a pillow from behind you, throwing at her face. But she was quick to realise your intentions and catches the pillow in her laft hand and places it in her lap. Laughing hysterically she chucks the pillow back at you, catching you off guard and the soft material of the pillow slaps your cheek. This only caused her laughter to increase in volume and your frustration to grow even more.

"Ugh Shut up Mahi," you say once her cackling has stopped.

"So Loumber right?" she taunts and I simply scowl back at her in response.

"Okay Okay," she says trying to keep her self from errupting into laughter again. "There's breakfast on the table if you want some." she finishes. My stomach grumbled at that same moment. 

"Thanks Mahi," I reply and get up to go brush your teeth.

"No problem bebz" she shouts as she walks out of my room and back to the boys. You sigh and walk over to the sink and brush your teeth. Walking back over to my bag, which Mahi had packed for me, I chose an outfit for today. I change my top and just as I did the button on my jeans the door creaks open and a familiar body appears through. Louis.

"Louis! I could've been naked!" you shriek as he closes the door behind him and walks towards you a foolish grin on his face.

"Well, I can't say I would  miss a chance like that, after last night" he winks. I roll my eyes and turn around to zip up my suitcase.

Louis POV

Holy shit. As she bent down to close her suitcase, it gave me a satisfying view of her behind. When she strightens up she looks up at me with an eyebrow raised.

"What?" I ask her mocking innocense. She rolls her eyes for the second time this roning causing a chuckle to escape from my lips. She brushes past me into the room where Mahi and the rest of the boys were sitting, probably to get some food.

"Morning Amber!" the rest of the boys say chorally to her and she just laughs giving them a small wave before going over to the table piled with simple foods. She picks up a slice of toast and adding a little butter and taking small bites. I sit down next to Niall and join in their conversation about the plans for today. We had eventually come to a descision and that was to go bowling. Fun. Note the sarcasm... But on the bright side, Amber'll be there right? She doesn't really have a choice. She see's me looking at her and I thought I saw a flash of mischeviousness flush through her eyes, but it disappears before I can judge. But my doubts were comfirmed when she leans over the table to grab a bottle of water. The top cut low, low enough to give me a pleasing sight of her breasts. She seemed to idle there for a while in that position, almost as if giving me the pleasant view herself. I look up at her stunning face to see a smug expression and her eyes alight with humour.

"Ay Louis mate, your staring," Niall whispers into my ear. I look away rapidly and hear her barely audible laugh.

"Okay, let's go get ready," Zayn says smirking as his gaze wanders to where mine momentarily was. Everyone files out of the room, but Amber stays to throw her bottle of water away. Just as she walked past me I grabbed her small wasit in my hands bringing her behind against my crotch.

"L-Louis what are you doing?" she stutters obviously not expecting me to do so.

"You're such a fucking tease you know," I hum into her ear as my fingers slip into the bottom of her shirt, rubbing soothing circles on her hip bone with my thumbs. 

"Ahm, I-I ..." she seemes to be at a loss for words. I smirked at her reaction against me.

Ambers POV

His thumbs caressed my waist in pacifying motions. I struggled for words, captured in his seductive actions and his hot breath fanning against the sensitive skin below my ear. I need to tell him to stop. I don't even know him, and I'm allowing him to touch me. But I can't. I simply can't. It feels too good. His lips sponge soft kisses on my neck before reaching my jawline. He spins my body around and my eyes meet with his, the eyes that I was fantasizing only minutes ago. Those beautiful piercing blue orbs seemed as though they could distract me from anything.

"Okay, so I left my phone in here smewhere and my mum's supposed to call me soon," Harry raspy voice booms through the room. He notices the two of you, his hands wrapped around your waist and you captivated in his eyes and you quickly pull away.

"Ahm yeah, okay I found it!" Harry says grabbing his phone and scurrying out of the room a smirk again on his face and his emerald beams glistening with humour.

"Yeah I'm going to," I shuffle out of the room awkwardly wanting to explain to Harry we were like that. Wait. Why were we like that? I should've pried him off of me as soon as he grasped my waist but it was so enticingly pleasureable. No other guy has ever had that effect on me.


I can't be falling for Louis.

Oh please no...

My mind is swirling with thoughts as I walk through the area in search for Harry, not even knowing what I wanted to say to him...



It's Ash hereeeeeeeee! Ehehe Mahi called me beautiful *gush* You could probably guess it was me because I wrote a whole shit-load of an essay for you! Sorry if that bored you, but I kinda got caught up in the moment hah :D Hope you guys enjoyed reeading that! I might update again tonight... Because again its midnight and I am yet again bored out of my mind.

Ash xxx

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