Christmas Cheer

The island of Lirma, with it's indigo skies and azure waters, has never heard of Christmas. But when they find out, what will happen?


2. Sophie

A tall girl crawled out from amongst the wreckage and peered around, obviously scared. Then she spotted Sorrowia.

"Help, please! Where are we, what happened.'

"I don't know!" Exclaimed Sorrowia pulling at her hair.

"Who are these people, are they aliens?"

"No they're just the same as me and you."

"What, but their hair..."

"Here on Lirma, having normal hair is strange. Like me." Sorrowia said, whispering the words 'normal' and 'like me'

"Oh, where are all your Christmas decorations? Isn't it the 22nd tomorrow?" 

"Yes, but what's Chritmas?" Sorrowia asked, biting her nails.

"You've never heard of Christmas?" The girl stood there, in complete silence, obviously stunned by the news.

"No, Sorrowia by the way. You'd better come inside and get warmed up."

"Sophie." Sophie muttered staring at the strangely coloured locks around her in awe.

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