Christmas Cheer

The island of Lirma, with it's indigo skies and azure waters, has never heard of Christmas. But when they find out, what will happen?


1. Lirma

Sorrowia brushed her coal black hair out of her grey eyes. She scuffled her feet in the snow, waiting for her friend Joyla to join her. Suddenly the mop of magenta hair popped over the top of a wall next to her.

"Joyla!" Sorrowia exclaimed, throwing her arms around her best friend's neck. 

"Calm down!" Joyla chuckled hugging her back. "How are you?" 

"Good! Apart from-" Sorrowia began, tugging roughly at her normal (can you believe it) hair.

"Yeah, I get it." Joyla gave Sorrowia a constellation smile, feeling sorry for his bullied friend. The two friends chatted for a bit, when suddenly a loud BOOM interrupted their conversation.

"What was that?" 

"I'm not sure!" The two friends ran to where the noise had come from and found themselves standing in front of a massive crater, with some sort of machine, burning inside it. It was long and seemed to have stiff, sharp wings, but these wings were, or seemed to be broken, so it was incapable of flying. A large crowd had gathered when something began to emerge from the rubble...

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