When Justin Came Back.

Summer Bright and Justin Bieber used to know each other at a young age, and then Justin moved away and never said good bye. Soon he was a popstar. Summer carried on and made new friends and is in a relationship. When Justin is staying in New York for a month and meets Summer again she doesn't know what to do. She has always loved Justin.


4. Maths.

As I entered the classroom all I could smell was B.O. I looked around to see anyone I knew, close people mostly. I spotted my old primary school friends, Gina and Lauren. I waddled over and bonbarded their privacy.

"Hey you guys." I chuckled as I pulled out my lip balm (Vaseline) and applied it to my lips. They looked up and Gina hugged me so tight, I could barely breath.

"Are you okay?" Lauren ask in a sensitive manor instead of casual manor.

"Yeah why?" I asked fidgeting a little with the confusion. I returned my Vaseline back into my blazer and  slowly walked to my place in front.

"Justin's coming back into town..." Gina mumbled sliding a lock of her curly ginger hair behind her ears. They both weren't making eye contact.

"Right..." I replied. They were my friends after Justin. Mrs Reason suddenly bardged in with her folders, she looked like she was about to fall over so Lucy Meaks went and helped her with her folders.

"Look I'f you like, want to talk, were here okay?" Gina said rubbing my arm. I've always perfered Gina, I mean Lauren joined in year 3 so I mostly grew up with Gina and Lauren and I went through a phase where we would fight over Gina, she won obviously.

I nodded and walked slowly to my seat and sludged into my seat and let my weight fall against me. Annelise and Jourdain were laughing behind me like they normally do, so I turned and glanced at them. Jourdain thinks Annelise is a right freak, I mean she is. She's so l o u d. In year 7 we argued loads now we don't really talk, apart from maths when she wants my answers.

"Hey you." She snorted with laughter, I frowned in a jocky manor and her then Jourdain who was shaking her head. I swung my head around again as Mrs Reason contuined you with register. I opened my math book and stared at the blank page. I felt ill from this whole 'Justin' scenario and wanted to sleep. As the lesson slowly went on and I got back to work Gina came running over as the whole class chatted while Mrs was downstairs.

"You sure your okay?" She asked me. I nodded. "Your obviously not then." She said making her self comfortable in the empty chair next to me as Muna was ill. I put on a fake smile. "I know it's hard but honestly Sum, if you let him get to you...it shows he's won?" Lauren trotted over.

"What's going on?" She said in her nosy voice.

"Nothing." Gine replied as she stared at me. "Didn't get number 3, have you done it." Before I could answer Lauren was dragging Gina away saying 'I do, I do', she sighed as she got dragged away, I laughed a little. It's sad really...I mean, if it wasn't for Lauren I would still be with them now, but Gina and Lauren were friends with Annelise when she was sort of 'bullying' me so I never really saw them in the same light, and made new friends, Taylor. At first Taylor was kinda like a re-bound, but now she's my best friend for life, I hope.


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