When Justin Came Back.

Summer Bright and Justin Bieber used to know each other at a young age, and then Justin moved away and never said good bye. Soon he was a popstar. Summer carried on and made new friends and is in a relationship. When Justin is staying in New York for a month and meets Summer again she doesn't know what to do. She has always loved Justin.


23. Locket.

 I told him everything from bottom to top sitting on his lap while he cuddled me on the sofa. My mascara was everywhere so I wipped my eyes and looked at him, his caramal eyes hit mine and I gazed into his for what seemed like ages. I turned back and stared at the tv, with tears rushing down my face. He pulled me back so my body was pushed into his. I breathed in his sweet smell and shut my eyes on his shoulder feeling so tired. I could feel him rubbing my leg up and down getting higher and each time. He got to certain point when I squealed and kicked my legs around and started to laugh. He started tiggle me so much I sat up on his lap and was sitting on him face on. I was laughing and so was I, then I remembered I had so many questions.

"So, how come your here?" I asked, wiping my face from laughing so much.

"I couldn't wait to see you." I blushed in embarrasment and tugged at his black top which outlined his abbs.

"And, why did you leave without saying goodbye so many years ago?" I asked still tugging at his top.

"What are you talking about?" He asked laughing a little. I stopped tugging and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and glanced at him.

"The fact you moved back to Canada again and then became famous?" I asked with a bit more anger. He looked at me weirdly.

"Funny." He smirked and sat up so I moved over.

"Well it's not because you didn't say goodbye?" I said looking at him.

"But I did?" He said looking at me quickly.

"You didn't." I glared back at him as he stared at me.

"But I wrote you a massive letter and gave it to Gina to give to you?" He said looking at me. I was stunned.

"Well I never got it?" I replied.

"I put a locket in?" He said. "It was for your birthday present as I left before?" I froze and jumped up and ran to my room. I grabbed my jewerely box and grabbed the locket Gina had given me for my birthday the year Justin left. I ran back down and stood at the door holding it breathing heavily. He stood up and walked close to me. I stepped back slowly as he took it.

"This is the one I got you the year I went back home." He said not looking at me.

"But Gina gave this to me for my birthday the year you left." I replied walking closer to him, he spun quickly and stuttered back a bit.

"Did you never think to open it?"  He said glaring at me, I went red a little again.

"No because." I swallowed. "Gina told me to never open it when we were younger, she said that it would break because it wasn't one of them opening ones." He turned to me and grabbed me arm so I juttered forward. In my hand was the locket wide open with Justin one side and me the other both of us smiling brightly. I looked up at him. He was grabbing his hoodie, I placed the locket on the table and grabbed his arm.

"No wait, Justin I'm sorry I didn't mean to. I just thought that you just left." I said getting teary again. He stopped and looked at me. He stood there for a couple of seconds.

"I would never do that." He grabbed my waist and the next thing I knew my pulm lips were on his and we stood there kissing. Then making out. He pulled away and smiled. He grabbed the locket and wrapped it around my neck and while he did he started to kiss my neck slowly. Tingles fell through my body as I was pushed against his dick.

"I've gotta go now." He whispered. He pulled out and made out with me one more time. "See you soon."

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