When Justin Came Back.

Summer Bright and Justin Bieber used to know each other at a young age, and then Justin moved away and never said good bye. Soon he was a popstar. Summer carried on and made new friends and is in a relationship. When Justin is staying in New York for a month and meets Summer again she doesn't know what to do. She has always loved Justin.


19. FaceTime.


'So do you have facetime?xxxxxxxxxx' yeah big achievement were now onto 10kisses finally, shes a bit strange about it cause whenever I send her more she stays with 10, weird. Were now texting aswell, for some reason she makes me happy and excited like, when we started texting I was so...I dunno, tingly?

'yeah my email is; summerbright@icloud.co.uk, wbu?xxxxxxxxxx' I smiled and checked, I was always told not to send it through text as anyone could get it, but I so wanted to see her face, her beautiful face.

'justinbieber@icloud.com, I trust you missy;)xxxxxxxxxx' She didn't reply as quickly after that, my palms were sweaty wondering if she didn't like my 'flirty' text or she felt awkward.

'good hehe, anyway call you in five minutes just helping Luke with his homework, top set for everything haha:') ooh and, I look terrible so don't be put off;)xxxxxxxxxx' A smile grew across my face almost seconds after. Luke who's Luke? A boyfriend? She only has one brother last time I saw her...Charlie or something? Suddenly I grew nervous about seeing her, I had my favourite snapback on and looked alright, but she wasn't dressed to impress so I didn't. Wait, that could be a lie? She's a girl?! I suddenly jumped up and checked myself in the mirror, normal will have to do. Suddenly my phone starting buzzing I grabbed it and saw her email along the top. I froze. I was so scared. I slid my finger across and she appeared. She had long chocolate brown hair and she had a jumper on and trackies, oh. I loved it. She was abouslty beautiful, it was silent until her voice broke out.

"Hey." She laughed, her laugh made me want to melt. Snap out of it Justin!

"You alright?" I asked, shit I missed the normal 'hi' back. What if she thinks I'm stupid?!

"Yeah you?" She asked flicking some of her hair to the side of her middle parting so it bounced up.

"Good." I stared around her room, her wall was full of pictures and they were all so cute. Family ones and ones with friends and then a few of flowers and ballons and that. "Nice wall." I said speaking my thoughts.

"Yeah it's like a collage thingy, I do some of them myself, I love to take pictures. It was annoying because I was gonna take media but then I love Drama and Music so I did them, so I do this out of school thingy." She smiled, I laughed at her confidence. "Just making conversation." She giggled. She was texting on her Iphone 5s.

"Oh, what are you talking to me on? I do my facetime on my phone?"

"Oh, I connected it to my erm Ipad mini so I can do it on there otherwise I don't really use it." She shrugged. "So enjoying New York so far?"

"Yeah." I smiled. "It's so nice and hot."

"Mmh." She agreed. She looked up at me I caught her eyes crystal blue like when she was little. Perfect blue.

"You know you well lucky." He blushed.

"What because I'm facetiming the Justin Bieber." She laughed so did I.

"Yeah obviously but, you have blue eyes even though you have brown hair."

"Oh." She blushed. "Thank you." Suddenly someone banged on her door. "One second." She leaned over and opened it and glared at the person. "What?" Her tone changed to annoyed.

"I need more help you just left me." I heard a boys voice I tried to look but I couldn't see.

"Tough I'm busy." She glared.

"Sorry are you talking to Daniel." He burst out laughing while she hit his legs. Daniel? Who's he?

"No, now piss off would you?" She was standing now. She had the perfect figure and the nicest boobs and bum, wow.

"I'll tell Mum!" He threatened. He's obviously her younger brother.

"Go on then."

"Just help meee!" He whined. Suddenly he pushed her till she tumbled back and he walked in and he was standing there. He had scruffy brown hair like when I was younger and was about 13 give or take.

"Hi Daniel." He wasn't looking at me, then he looked down. "Oh, sorry." He went to walk out then he jumped back in. "OH MY GOD IS THAT JUSTIN BIEBER?!" He shouted I laughed I'm used to it.

"GET OUT LUKE!" She pushed him and shut her door in anger. "Brothers ergh!" I laughed then she sat back down and grabbed her work.

"Haha, you have to do work I don't (Justin is 16 in this)." She looked up at me and stuck out her tounge like a child. "He's cute."


"L-L" I stuttered for his name searching my memory.


"That's it yeah." She smiled, her teeth were so white and they were perfectly straight.

"He's a 13 year old idiot." Suddenly someone else knocked on the door she stood up in anger. "For crying out loud Luke PISS OFF!" She opened her door and standing there was her Dad. I remember him as I went there for dinner ages ago. "Daaad." She chocked. He stood there sternly.

"Downstairs...now." Then he was gone leaving the door wide open. It was that sort of 'now' that your Parents do when you know your in trouble, yeah I get that a lot.

"Justin." I looked up, her voice made my name sound so sexy. "I've err, gotta go. I techniqually just told my Dad to piss off." She was looking down. "I'm sorry."

"It's fine." I lied. She looked up.

"Bye." She leant forward and hung up without another word. I sat there staring at the black screen wishing she would call back so I could actually talk to her. But she didn't.



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