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Lenii was your ordainary directioner, just another girl obsessing over the boys. She was bullied for 6 years in school and had no friends. It didn't help that her parents beat her up. She had scars and scratches all over her body. The only person in her life who was nice to her was her Grandad but when he passed away her life became a total terror but what happens when she meets that special person, will a relationship develop....?


13. happy birthday

*3 days later*

"Happy birthday Lenii!" Whispered Harry in my ear on the morning of my birthday. He wrapped his arm around my waist as he kissed my cheek continuously.

I smiled and kissed him back. "Thank you!" I said tiredly. I got up out of bed and grabbed harrys hand as I followed him downstairs. I sat down on the sofa when harry bought over to me, a white heart shaped box with a red bow.

He smiled. "It's just something small!"

I untied the bow and lifted the lid of the box. There sat a beautiful neclace with a small diamond heart charm. "Harry, its beautiful! Thank you so so much!"

"That's ok, I'm glad you like it! What do you want to do today?"

I thought for a while. "I dont want to do anything 'special'. Let's just sit around all day and watch movies! You up for that?"

"Anything for you!" He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him.

Just then i got a text from louis,

Happy Birthday Lenii! Have a great day, I will come and see you later! <3 xx

"How did he know its my birthday?" I said confused.

"I kind of told him! Sorry."

"That's ok! I dont mind. I know I'm only eighteen now but, i feel old!"

"Your not old. Your young and beautiful." Harry said kissing the top of my head.

"I'm not but thanks"

"Your are!"

"I'm not. Anyway let's not argue. I'm going to go for a shower."

"Ok... You are."

I rolled my eyes and smiled. I slowly wandered up the stairs when harry came up behind me and picked me up. "Harry!" I screamed.

"Your not going for a shower, not yet!" We giggled as he carried me up the stairs. We got to his bedroom when he threw me down the bed.

*1 hour later.*

After I had a shower and me and harry 'played around' we heard a knock at the door. "That must be louis." I said going to get the door.

"Hi Lenii, Happy Birthday!" Said Louis giving me a hug and a kiss.

"Thank you louis."

"Lenii, this is my girlfriend Eleanor. Eleanor meet Lenii!"

"Hi Lenii." She said giving me a hug.

"Hi!" I responded.

"Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you Eleanor. Come in you to!

"Hi Harry!" Said Louis happily.

"Ah, Booh Bear!" Harry laughed giving Louis a hug.

"Hi Eleanor, how are you?" Harry asked kindly.

"Hi Harry. I'm fine thank you. How are you?"

"I'm good. Do you too want a drink or anything?"

"No thank you." Politely responded Eleanor.

"No thanks." Replied Louis. "Oh Lenii, here you go!" He said handing me a birthday card.

I opened the envelope and out fell two £50 notes.

"We didn't know what to get you so we decided to give you some spending money!"

"Thank you so much guys!" I said hugging them both.

"So, what you gonna get me?" Harry asked as a joke.

"Maybe nothing!" I said grinning. "I'm joking!"

"No, you spend the money on yourself sweetheart!" Harry kissed the top of my head.

"We're very sorry but we have to go now." Louis said standing up.

"Ok, that's fine. Thanks again!"

"No problem Lenii. Spend it wisely!"

"I will! Bye Louis, Bye Eleanor."

"bye guys!" Harry said.

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