Behind These Walls

What you see isn't always what you get. On the outside, Niall Horan is the adorable blonde, witty member of the worlds best boy band One Direction. But behind closed doors Niall is an insecure trouble kid who wants nothing more than to be happy, and no amount of money and fame can give him that.

Brystal Taylor is your average troubled teen. She spends most of her time locked up in her room, avoiding the world and the constant death threats and insults people throw at her. Living in the perfect family Brystal is far from perfect.

When Niall and Brystal meet they form a connection that is like no other. They rely on each other to get through the hell they call life.


5. chapter 5

Brystals POV:

I woke up to the smell of fresh bacon and pancakes. I turned to my left and found Niall, my boyfriend, was gone. Wow it felt good to call him my boyfriend. Mine. And not Samantha's. I slowly got up, stretched, and made my way to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and headed downstairs where laughter filled my usually dull kitchen.

"And then Harry said to Perrie, are you sure you're not a platypus and it wasn't funny at all which made it totally hilarious because Harry could not stop laughing!" My whole family cracked up, even my boring old square dad.

"Oh hey love" my mum said I between laughs.

"Good morning lovely." Niall said getting up walking over to me. He kissed my forehead and my whole family broke out in "aweeeeesssss". I turned bright red and smiled at Niall.

"I woke up early, I thought I'd let my princess sleep in and is get to know the family." He winked at me.

"It think they like you." I whispered.

"Why do you think so?" He whispered back.

"Because they haven't grounded me for having a boy stay over without permission yet." I giggled. Punching Niall slightly in the arm.

We made our way back over to the table and sat across from each other. My mum served me a plate and gave me a kiss on the head. She leant down and whispered "what a fit lad he is aye. Better keep him" I looked at her and she winked at me.

We are breakfast and told old stories and for once I actually felt like I belonged in this family. Jackson and Niall bonded over sports and music just like Baylors boyfriend and Jackson did. My mum and dad were kinder to me and asked about how I was doing. It felt nice to feel...wanted. Occasionally Niall, Jackson and my dad would yell some sports reference and Niall would look at me and shake his fists. My mum, Baylor and I would just laugh. When everyone finished eating we mostly went out separate ways. Mum and dad went off to work. Jackson went his mates house. Baylor watched tv and waited for Andrew to arrive and Niall sat in my room listening to music and watching The Bachelor while I showered and got ready for the day. Niall wanted me to meet his mum so I thought long an hard on what to wear. I decided on a right above the knee floral dress with a cute bow on the back, my long hair pulled back into an Ariana Grande styled doo. I chose tan pumps and applied light makeup. I walked out of the bathroom and went to Niall. He was busy watching the bachelor.

"No Spencer send Brandy home!" He shouted at the tv. I giggled and slapped his arm.

"Ready?" I smiled. He nodded yes and we got up to leave.

"Woah Brystal you look hot!" Andrew, my sisters annoying boyfriend yelled as we went downstairs. Niall's face hardened. Baylor slapped Andrew across the face. I said thanks and told Baylor I'd be back later. I got into Niall's range rover and apologized for Andrews comment.

"Nah you're good love. as long as he isn't competition." He winked and stared the car.


As I drove I occasionally looked over at my incredibly sexy girlfriend in the passenger seat. She looked out the window and sang along to the radio. I grabbed her free hand and we drove like that, hand in hand. Soon we were infront if my house.

"You ready?" I asked her. She nodded yes and I got out the car and opened her door. I grabbed her hand and led her into my home.

"Mum I'm home," I yelled "Will you come down here?"

My mum ran down stairs in a robe and gasped.

"Who is this gorgeous girl? Niall. Is this your honey?" She put her hands over her mouth.

"Yes mum. Her names Brystal." I grabbed Brystals waist.

My mum came froward and took Brystal in a large embrace.

"Oh you look lovely!" She said to me.

"Thank you so much." Brystal blushed.

While they talked I took off my jacket. I grabbed Brystals waist from the back and kissed her cheek. Talk about a perfect moment.

"Niall, what are those marks on your arm?" My mum said yanking it.

My stomach dropped, I completely forgot about my scars.


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