The Girl and The Prejudice

Jenna is a geeky 17 year old who can't help but strive to fit it. On a trip to London, The United Kingdom, she finds something that can help her fit in; a Louis Vuitton dress! She lets down her hair and tosses the glasses, and everyone loves her. But, maybe the glasses are a huge need, because while walking she trips over a rock, which she could have seen with glasses. When Jenna wakes up she finds herself in 1855! What will Jenna do when she's told that she's royalty? She's faced with a problem, helping Henna, a girl who lives in the castle, marry the boy she loves.
Inspired by the book Prada and Prejudice.


2. Chapter 2: Waking up

Jenna pov

I woke up in what looked like a forest. I realized I was lying flat on my face and chest, I placed my arms in the push-up position and elevated myself off the ground. I looked around. Great. I'm the middle of nowhere.

I retraced my steps. One moment I was wearing a Louis Vuitton dress and finally being accepted by Mandy, the next moment I was falling on my face, and now I'm in a forest? Am I being punked? I looked around to see if there were any cameras,but I didn't see any. I stood up and brushed the dirt off my dress.

I started to walk for what seemed like hours, I couldn't find any sings of houses or anything. My red curls were all over the place, some sticking up in odd directions, my feet had sores on them, and my once pale skin was now browned with dirt. I heard a loud horse whinny in the distance and whipped my head around. A carriage? In the twenty-first century? I shook my head and waved my hands, trying to catch their attention. When they got close enough they came to a stop.

"Your Grace?" They stared blankly. I tilted my head to the side. "No, no! My name is Jenna, and I've been walking for hours, can you give me a lift?" They jumped slightly at my American accent and the male sitting on the right side held out his hand. He had dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. "Yes, Princess Jennifer, we know who you are." I took his hand. "Princess..?" He nodded and helped me into the carriage, scooting over to give me some space.

"Yes.. Did you bump your head?" He studied me carefully. "Look at you! You're a mess!" He motioned to my dirt covered legs and messy hair. I smoothed out my hair. "Yes, uh, sorry? I must have fallen." This whole 18th century act was kind of weird. I looked around and didn't see any stores or anything. I sighed, this was going to be a long ride.

We sat in silence for a couple of what seemed to be hours before pulling up to a huge castle. "Excuse me, where are we?" I looked to the man with bright blue eyes. "Miss Jennifer are you feeling okay?" He took my hand and led me out of the carriage, guiding me to the front door. "May I ask your name?" I said to his back. "Louis." He said casually. I nodded. "Thank you for the ride.." He looked shocked. "You're royalty.. I couldn't pass it up." A small girl who looked like she came to about my shoulders walk towards me. "Jennifer!" She wrapped her arms around me. "How have you been? You came all the way from Cheshire! You must be exhausted!" I thought for a second 'I need somewhere to stay.. And these people think they know me.. I guess pretending wouldn't hurt..' I put on my best fake British accent. "Actually I'm feeling very well, thank you!."

"Come, come! We have to get you out of these filthy clothes." She took my hand and led me up the stairs to a bedroom which I assumed was a guest room. "There are some dresses in that closet for you to chose from." She smiled, her teeth were perfect. I ran my tongue over my teeth, realizing my braces were gone. I grabbed the small hand mirror and looked in it. My teeth were straight? The girl walked out of the room, her light brown curly hair bouncing behind her.

A maid walked in and told me that she would help me dress. I walked over to the closet and chose a random dress. It was golden with a swooped in neck and beads going across the waist. The maid nodded and undressed me. I covered my breasts which were now exposed and looked at her. "Miss..  Move yer arms." She had a different accent than everyone else. I put my arms over my head and allowed her to slip a corset on me. She laced it up so tight that my breasts were up to my neck (metaphorically speaking). She slid the dress on and laced it up. She helped me slip on a pair of white slippers and sent me downstairs.

I looked for the girl I had saw before and found her, she was with a boy who I couldn't see, since his face was faced the other way. "Henna," He said firmly. "I expect you to marry Densworth, and you will be happy about it. No questions asked." He talked as if he was her dad. I walked over. "Henna!" I smiled at her. "Oh, hello, Jennifer." She smiled back and the boy turned around. He was stunning. I felt my breath hitch in my chest, he was probably 6 foot tall, I had to look up at him. He couldn't be much older than I am, probably like 19. He had brown curly hair that fell in his face, and striking emerald eyes. "Princess Jennifer." he bowed and I tried to courtesy. "This is The Duke, Harold." Henna said.  I nodded. "Hello." I smiled at him.

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