Larissa Jones has dreams of a boy, a boy she's never met. Every night would be a new fantasy in this perfect relationship. Dates to restaurants; watching the sunset or drives into the middle of nowhere. It was perfect and he was perfect too. Dark brown ringlets framed his face and bottomless green eyes that she could stare into forever.

But when Larissa goes to see a fortune teller for fun with her friend and the fortune teller magically recites everything in her dreams-that she’s going to meet a boy in a couple of years, with brown curls and green eyes and will go on wonderful and romantic dates with, she starts to unravel that maybe these aren’t just dreams, but visions into the future, her whole world changes.

How will she meet this boy? She finally stops delving into her dreamland of books long enough to make the connection that this boy isn’t just some recurring perfection, he’s Harry Styles and with millions of fans worldwide (after doing some research), how will she meet


15. Your Not a Heel-y Person Then?

Chapter 15:

A knock on the door startled me out of my mindless flicking of TV channels. I got up to answer it.

‘Hello,’ the familiar voice answered.

‘Hi,’ I replied shyly.

‘Me and the boys are going out to a club later and we wondered if you would like to come?’ Harry asked politely. I spent half a second contemplating the offer and thought it too good to turn down.

‘Yeah I’d love too!’ I answered enthusiastically.

‘Great, I’ll come pick you up at eight?’

‘Yeah sure, um, what should I wear?’

‘Anything, appropriate for a club, I suppose,’ he shrugged.

‘So nothing then?’ we both laughed at my joke.

‘A dress?’ he suggested.

‘Okay, I’ll wear a dress,’ I smiled as he waved and walked down the hallway. I shut the door.

I looked at the clock that was silently ticking as it read 6.59pm. I panicked a bit at the amount of time I had to prepare before taking a deep breath and running into the shower.

I was out in ten minutes and that was a new record for me. I sat in my underwear on the floor and blow dried it to its natural look (wavy). I looked at the clock again out of the corner of my eye as I spent about ten minutes just straightening the outer part of my hair and my fringe. 7.26pm. Once I was finished I then panicked again at the prospect of not having anything to wear. Why didn’t I sort this out before my shower?

I rifled through my suitcase and finally found a black mini dress with lace detail on the hem and sleeves. It was simple but it would do for tonight. I paired it with some black converse (don’t laugh at me-I can do heels but I would rather not) and grabbed a silver-black clutch. 7.47pm.

I quickly sat down to brush a thin coat of foundation, eye-liner and mascara on my face. Why didn’t you do this before you got dressed Larry? What if you got it on your clothes? God, I’m so uncoordinated tonight. Maybe it’s just the prospect of seeing Harry again. I honestly want something to blossom this early because I am really ready for him at the moment. I don’t want to wait two years!

7.56pm. I had enough time to shove a few left over dollar bills for drinks, my mobile phone and my hotel room key card into my clutch before that highly awaited knock was heard at my door. I put on a smile before opening it.
‘Hi,’ I said to him.

‘Hello, you look beautiful,’ Harry answered and bent down and kissed my cheek. I swear to God I almost fell over. I literally swooned on the spot. Laz, calm down.

‘Thank you, you’re looking handsome yourself,’ and he did. Harry was wearing a black and white button down shirt and skin tight jeans with a pair of dark brown suede boots.

‘Are you ready to go?’ he asked and I nodded before shutting the door behind me. He offered me his arm and I held on to it though it wasn’t like I was going to fall because I wasn’t wearing heels.

It seem like he was thinking the same thing as he looked down at my footwear and laughed.

‘You’re not a heel-y person then?’ he questioned curiously, still chuckling slightly at my Converse.

‘I will wear them if I have too-like last night for example but if there is the possibility that I will get drunk then no, I will not wear heels,’ I explained to him.

A few seconds silence passed before I spoke up again.

‘Where are the other boys?’ I asked casually as we walked into the lift. I felt at ease talking to him like this. It was very easy.

‘There waiting in the limo downstairs, they left me to come get you,’ he grinned like there was some inside joke that I was missing out of.

‘You make it sound like a chore,’ I joked, poking his side.

‘Never.’ He stated.

When we reached the bottom of the elevator, we stepped out when the doors opened and walked into the foyer of the hotel and out to the main entrance/exit. I gained my confidence with the manager and stuck two fingers in his direction. He glared at me and I winked.

A silver van was waiting and the driver opened the doors for us. I thanked him with a smile and got in. Four loud hellos greeted me when I sat down and I said hello back, smiling warmly. Louis and Zayn were sitting in the two seats at the back, Liam was sitting in the front next to the driver and I got in next to Niall in the middle with Harry getting in next to me.

‘So where are we going then?’ I asked out loud.

‘Um, I’m not quite sure. We asked the driver to take us some place good,’ Niall shrugged and I laughed, they are typical boys.

We drove for a couple more minutes with everyone making either loud remarks or having a conversation in soft murmurs. The driver pulled outside of a heaving nightclub with people lining outside the door and all the way down the street. You could hear heavy bass music pumping through the open doors where bouncers guarded it.

‘Woah! Are we going to get in?’ I exclaimed, gawping at the queue.

‘Larry, we’re VIP’s,’ Louis laughed a little.

‘Oh’, I blushed and looked down.

‘Come on, let’s get inside,’ Harry squeezed my knee slightly and I shivered, hoping it was subtle.

Once we were out of the van, flashes surrounded us and loud voices were calling out the boy’s and all focusing around one topic: me.

‘Harry! Who’s the girl Harry?’

‘Come on! Tell us!’

‘Zayn! Zayn!

‘Is she one of your girlfriends?’

‘Louis are you cheating on Eleanor?’

Those were just some of the comments made as we scurried to the entrance-me in particular going quite fast. Harry kept up with me and felt me shaking a little. He whispered in my ear to just ignore it and put a hand against the side of his face to cover it from the paparazzi and I followed suit-I really don’t want my face on the newspaper tomorrow. He clasped his hand in mine and although it didn’t help with the rumours that would be circulating the earth by tomorrow morning, it gave me a lot of reassurance.

Once we got inside I breathed a sigh of relief. The bouncers had helped us get through we were close enough and I was grateful.

‘Are you okay?’ the boys asked me once they were the club.

‘No, that was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced in my life, but I will be.’

They gave me a big group hug and I laughed at their caring exterior.

‘How do you do it?’ I asked once they had released me.

‘It’s all about practise love,’ Liam told me.

‘So are you alright now?’ Louis asked again.
‘Yes, I think so,’ I said smiling.

‘Woo! Now let’s go par-tay!’ he replied in a really not-straight voice and he pulled me and the rest of them through to the room where the pounding music was coming from.
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