Larissa Jones has dreams of a boy, a boy she's never met. Every night would be a new fantasy in this perfect relationship. Dates to restaurants; watching the sunset or drives into the middle of nowhere. It was perfect and he was perfect too. Dark brown ringlets framed his face and bottomless green eyes that she could stare into forever.

But when Larissa goes to see a fortune teller for fun with her friend and the fortune teller magically recites everything in her dreams-that she’s going to meet a boy in a couple of years, with brown curls and green eyes and will go on wonderful and romantic dates with, she starts to unravel that maybe these aren’t just dreams, but visions into the future, her whole world changes.

How will she meet this boy? She finally stops delving into her dreamland of books long enough to make the connection that this boy isn’t just some recurring perfection, he’s Harry Styles and with millions of fans worldwide (after doing some research), how will she meet


14. We're Going to Have a Nice Future.

Chapter 14:

It was now the Saturday of my visit and I was having the best time of my life so far. I also rang my mum and dad yesterday night as well to tell them what’s happening and then got in trouble because I forgot about time zones and rang them at 3.30am in the morning. Oops.

I rang Jess as well and told her about the money I had received and the shopping opportunities I will get today. Of course she was ecstatic and gave me a list of things that she wanted me to get for her and I rolled my eyes because she was that predictable.

Paul had just dropped me off in a famous shopping street that I had no idea of the name. It looked fantastic though and designer shop after designer shop after designer shop ran down street after street after street. I didn’t mind shopping alone either-I do enjoy my own company as much as I love other peoples.

I stepped into a shop and looked at it in awe.

‘Jess!’ I rang her.

‘Hey Laz!’ her voice rang through the speaker.

‘Right, I have those high-waist denim shorts you wanted me to get but do you want them dark blue, light blue, green or red acid wash?’ I asked her.

‘Ooh! Um, the red ones please!’ she replied, excitedly.


I wandered around after paying for them, also buying myself an arrange of items. I was walking out of Chanel after trying on different perfumes (not buying them obviously), when I heard faint screams coming from somewhere. I was curious to see what had happened and followed the sounds of the screams like a trail when it led me to a male fashion store.

I groaned. Not again! How did I manage to come to New York for a mini business vacation and end up seeing him for the third time? So yes, if you’ve already guessed… Harry Styles was being mobbed in front of me.

Of course I didn’t try to save the day or anything-there was no way I was going up against 50 screaming teenage girls no matter how much I was destined to be with the guy. I waited until security had gotten him out of the store and was safe before turning to leave. At the last moment he looked up and spotted me. I lifted my hand up in a shy wave and he smiled before walking into a nice looking high street store. I couldn’t be bothered with noticing the names.

I was browsing through the racks of clothing in the store before the screams returned and louder. I turned to see what the commotion was about until I saw the familiar mop of curls with about five security people around him attempting to get into the store. Once he was in the manager closed the doors, blocking the colony of hormonal girls from breaking into the store. The people that were already in the store kicked up a fuss with the employees, demanding to be let out. He directed them to a side door where they could leave. The manager stopped before me.

‘Miss, you are going to have to leave so this gentlemen can freely shop without your disturbances,’ Oh God, he was like the snotty, rude receptionist at the hotel I’m staying at.

‘Disturbances? Are you kidding me?’

‘Miss, I am going to have to ask you to leave,’ he repeated but with more force.

‘Listen here you little-’ Harry approaching us cut me off.

‘I’m sorry sir, but the girl is with me,’ he said firmly. The manager huffed and walked off, clearly annoyed.

Harry turned to me and smiled, ‘I always seem to be getting you out of these situations huh?’

‘Don’t flatter yourself, ‘ I joked, rolling my eyes playfully, ‘does that get annoying?’

‘Of course, wouldn’t it be for you?’

‘I would throw them out of a window.’

He chuckled at that, ‘but the support they give us is incredible so I have nothing to complain about.

‘I suppose.’

‘So are we sort of trapped for a little bit?’ I asked hopefully.

‘Seems to be, sorry by the way.’

‘Don’t apologise, it’s alright,’ I couldn’t help the large bursts of excitement rush through me at the prospect of being almost alone with him for God knows how long.

‘I suppose whilst I’m here, you could help me with picking out my outfit for the VMA’s?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, of course! Do you want a suit? Or something more casual?’

‘Definitely something more casual, I quite like the idea of an open buttoned shirt…’

So we spent the next two and a half hours trying on different clothes for him to wear at the VMA’s. Technically, we found his outfit in the first half an hour and in the end we were fooling around in the changing rooms, trying to find the most ugly outfit we could. The manager didn’t mind at all, and was happily content at the celebrity that was currently wearing a disgusting Hawaiian shirt, a pair of black and white striped formal trousers, heavy chains round his neck and a sunhat on. The staff all tried to fuss over him and each got a picture with Harry.

If I was honest it was the best time I’ve had in a long while, I laughed until I cried, managed to spend most of the money I was given and felt so happy whilst doing it. We’re going to have a nice future, I thought.
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