Larissa Jones has dreams of a boy, a boy she's never met. Every night would be a new fantasy in this perfect relationship. Dates to restaurants; watching the sunset or drives into the middle of nowhere. It was perfect and he was perfect too. Dark brown ringlets framed his face and bottomless green eyes that she could stare into forever.

But when Larissa goes to see a fortune teller for fun with her friend and the fortune teller magically recites everything in her dreams-that she’s going to meet a boy in a couple of years, with brown curls and green eyes and will go on wonderful and romantic dates with, she starts to unravel that maybe these aren’t just dreams, but visions into the future, her whole world changes.

How will she meet this boy? She finally stops delving into her dreamland of books long enough to make the connection that this boy isn’t just some recurring perfection, he’s Harry Styles and with millions of fans worldwide (after doing some research), how will she meet


7. Can't I Just Meet My Soulmate?

‘Holy Macaroni,’ I thought. He was a god. He was beautiful. I then realised that I hadn’t said anything and he obviously thought I was some weirdo.

‘Hey, I’m Larry,’ I mentally face-palmed myself. Larry-really? I bet he thought I was some transgender person now, ‘sorry, I’m Larissa. Everybody calls me Larry for short.’


‘Hello, Larry,’ he smiled, God help me he smiled.

Maybe he’s The One? Maybe he’s my soul mate? I then face-palmed myself again, of course he isn’t-he looks nothing like ‘him’ but it would be nice if he did. I tried to search for some connection in his eyes, something that would make us remember each other from a past life or something like that. I couldn’t see any magic flowing through us. This is so stupid; I’d just met the guy!

He raised his eyebrows at me. Oh God, did he ask me a question through my thought vomit? I racked my brain to see if he did but I come up with nothing.

‘What?’ I asked stupidly.

‘Nothing but… no screaming? Fainting? Crying? Dying?’ he joked. What in the name of heebie-jeebies was he on about?

‘Sorry what?’ I asked again.

He then looked at me weirdly and shook his head. What was wrong? I bet I have like some huge zit on my face. I don’t remember seeing any this morning.

‘Have I said something?’ I asked him nervously. Why was I such a mess with boys?

‘No of course not but… no… nothing, doesn’t matter-just ignore me,’ he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

‘Okay then… I’m going to go now. I’m already late as it is. Bye Zayn,’ I smiled at him one last time before shoving my hands in my pockets and walking off.

I couldn’t get his face out of my mind on the walk home. What was he on about? I mean he is tremendously good looking but he didn’t have to be conceited about it. But he wasn’t being conceited; he looked really awkward and nervous. Never mind, just forget about him. You’ll never meet him or see him again.

I carried on walking and then braced myself for the wrath that would be my parents when I got in. Being an only child sucks sometimes, you have all the attention and at times that can be fun but at times like this, it isn’t.

I walked through the door and they were sitting on the sofa watching TV.

‘Hello?’ I asked.

‘Why was you at the fair?’ my dad asked calmly. Oh no, this can’t be good.

‘Me and Jess went there, just for something to do.’

‘I rang Jess and her parents and she said that you did do that but you both parted ways two hours ago. Now, I’ll ask again, why was you at the fair again?’ my dad was still keeping his cool.

‘Look I’m really sorry, we went to a fortune teller and she told me that ‘romance was on the cards’ and I wanted answers. Look I’m really sorry, dad. And you mum.’

I knew how to get past my parents. It was easy. I was their angel child. They both sighed and my mum spoke up.

‘Thank you, could you please tell us where you are next time? Dinners on the table, go eat it.’

‘Of course mum, thanks.’

That night I just really wanted to live my ‘fantasy’ dream again but I couldn’t. I will still have the dream but now it has such meaning and depth. If these really were visions of the future then this whole thing has escalated very quickly.

Once I had my dinner, I got into my pyjamas, watched TV for a while, brushed my teeth and then got into bed.

I heard a knock on the front door and immediately knew who it was. I bounded down the stairs before my mum or dad could.

‘Hello gorgeous,’ he smiled before handing me a bunch of roses. He’s so romantic.

‘Hello! Thank you so much, you didn’t have too!’ I gushed before letting him in and placing the flowers in water.

‘Good evening Mr and Mrs Jones,’ I heard him say as my parents came through into the kitchen.

‘Please dear, call me Julie,’ my mum said.

‘And me Richard.’

I smiled at how well he got on with my parents. He was taking me out tonight on a special date to mark our first year anniversary with each other. He was just so perfect.

I was wearing a beautiful red dress with little sparkly embellishments sewn on. It had a sweetheart neckline and came to about mid-thigh. I paired it with silvery heels and silvery jewellery. My hair was curled and put to one side with a red flower clipped in.

‘Come on then love. We’ll be late otherwise,’ he smiled at me and I returned it.

‘I’m coming.’

I hugged my parent’s goodbye and he shook hands with my dad and gave my mum a kiss on the cheek. I grabbed a cream blazer of the hook and pulled it on before following him through the door. I honestly was really excited for this date; we hadn’t done anything like this in quite a while.

We got into his car and I leant over the gear stick to give him a kiss. He smiled.

‘I lo-’

‘Aah!’ I shouted as I woke up yet again suddenly.

These dreams were really annoying me now because I just couldn’t figure out why they had to happen. Can’t I just meet my soul mate now?

Suddenly my door burst open. It was my mum.

‘Darling what is going on? Why did you shout? And why are you all sweaty?’ a thousand questions bombarded me as she walked into my room.

‘I’m fine mum; don’t worry. I just had a bad nightmare. That’s all.’ I was proud with how quick I thought of that lie. Normally I am a terrible actor.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes mum.’

‘Okay then, get up and dressed.’

I followed her instructions and got up. I don’t know why but I have this strange obsession of having to listen to music whilst I get dressed. Its weird I know. I flicked through my iTunes library and couldn’t find anything I wanted to listen too.

Then a thought came to me. I really that liked that One Direction song at the fair; I wanted to listen to more. I bought their latest album of iTunes without really checking it out and once it had downloaded I found it on my library. I clicked on a random song.

I stared at it in complete and utter shock.
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