Larissa Jones has dreams of a boy, a boy she's never met. Every night would be a new fantasy in this perfect relationship. Dates to restaurants; watching the sunset or drives into the middle of nowhere. It was perfect and he was perfect too. Dark brown ringlets framed his face and bottomless green eyes that she could stare into forever.

But when Larissa goes to see a fortune teller for fun with her friend and the fortune teller magically recites everything in her dreams-that she’s going to meet a boy in a couple of years, with brown curls and green eyes and will go on wonderful and romantic dates with, she starts to unravel that maybe these aren’t just dreams, but visions into the future, her whole world changes.

How will she meet this boy? She finally stops delving into her dreamland of books long enough to make the connection that this boy isn’t just some recurring perfection, he’s Harry Styles and with millions of fans worldwide (after doing some research), how will she meet



Chapter 13:

‘Hello boys! How are you? Thank you so much for attending; it means a lot!’ I honestly didn’t think the smile on Marie’s face could get any larger. I seriously thought her mouth was going to split in half.

‘Hello…?’ Liam said but couldn’t finish.

‘Marie,’ she smiled again.

‘Hello Marie,’ he concluded and gave her hand a shake followed by the other boys. Harry also gave her a kiss on the cheek out of politeness but I couldn’t stop my insides from boiling in anger, jealously overpowering me.

This was stupid, I thought, he’s not even mine. He will be though, my subconscious adds and I sighed. Hopefully.

About six more people came in then and I was introduced to them and learnt names that I knew I would forget almost instantly.

‘Hello. You must be Larissa,’ I spun round to face Harry. Keep your cool, Larry. Keep your cool.

‘Hi, Harry,’ I smiled.

‘How do you know my name?’ he asked, curiousness etched onto his face.

‘Your pretty famous,’ I joked, giggling a little. He smiled and looked at his feet sheepishly, shaking his hair out and pushing it back on his forehead. I swooned, literally.

‘Oh yeah, sorry Larissa,’ he smiled again.

‘Larry,’ I corrected him, ‘just Larry.’

‘Larry?’ he questioned.

‘Yeah, it’s my nickname, I suppose. I haven’t really had anyone call me Larissa in ages, well apart from when my mums angry. Even my teachers used to call me it,’ I laughed, reminiscing.

‘Really?’ he laughed.


‘Well, okay, Larry,’ he put an emphasis on my name, as if trying it out, testing it out on the tip of his tongue.

‘Larry. Laz. Lazza. Stupid idiot. I’ll go with any,’ I laughed and he joined in.

‘Well it’s nice-’ he got cut off.

‘Larry?’ Zayn saw me and came over.

‘You know her?’ Harry asked him.

‘Yeah! We met in London, didn’t we?’

‘Yeah we did,’ I smiled, ‘very brief though,’ I added.

‘Well maybe we can change that,’ he smiled but my eyes were trained on Harry’s and it may just be the light but I swear I saw his eyes darken. Maybe it’s just me being silly, hoping Harry would fall in love with me instantly. I’m so stupid.

‘Um-’ now I got cut off by Marie. She was announcing that we should be seated.

I followed Harry to the table and looked for my name. I was opposite a man whose name I’d forgot but luckily next to Niall.

‘Hello,’ he smiled widely and his tone was cheerful. I warmed up to him immediately-it wasn’t hard at all.

‘Hello Niall,’ I greeted him.

‘Well, I guess I don’t have to introduce myself anymore,’ he joked and I laughed, ‘what’s your name?’

‘Well, my full name is Larissa but nearly everyone calls me Larry or Laz,’ I told him.

‘Larry, that reminds me of two people,’ he giggled and I just laughed at him.

‘Yeah I’ve heard of ‘Larry Stylinson’.’

‘Larissa, I like that name but calling you Larry is definitely cooler,’ he grinned.

‘I don’t and thanks, I suppose that’s why I like it.’

Our conversation ended when the waiter that I spoke to and another woman hurried in, plates full of steaming, delicious food balancing awkwardly on their arms. I waited for everyone else to receive his or her food before devouring in.

I made sure to act professional throughout the meal, making sure I wiped my mouth delicately when I thought I had food round my mouth. I usually didn’t, I just think I was being paranoid. Niall next to me though didn’t have a care in the world, bless him, and I found myself laughing as he wolfed down his dinner like he hadn’t been fed in a month.

Another thing I noticed was Harry. I constantly had the corner of my eye trained on him, I was subtle with it but he wasn’t and I caught him staring at me a couple of times during the courses. I turned my head to meet his eyes one time and looked downwards, pink spots tinting his cheeks, as he was clearly embarrassed.

I found myself laughing with other people and joining in the conversations that were passed along the table, dropping in answers that would clearly catch Marie’s eye and be impressed. It worked by the way. Mostly I just sat and talked with Niall. He was so fun to be around! He just gave off this positive aroma that just lifted your spirits no matter what mood you were in.

We were in the middle of a conversation about Marvel and superheroes and bickering playfully over the best one.

‘Of course Iron Man is the best,’ I rolled my eyes at Niall.

‘No way! At least Spiderman has actually got real powers. Iron Man is cool but he just puts on a metal suit!’ he retorted.

‘How dare you insult my Robert Downey Jr. like that?’ I gasped, faking offense.

‘Oh so that’s what this is. A crush.’ He laughed at me.

‘Duh! He’s gorgeous!’

Marie cut us off; she tapped her glass to get everyone’s attention.

‘Thank you so much for attending tonight everyone-it really does mean so much to us all here at Vogue.’

Everyone looked at her and then she turned and smiled at me.

Oh no.

‘And we have our new intern starting soon back in London, Larissa Jones!’

I smiled a little and looked down when everyone stared at me-especially those spectacular green eyes that were fixated.

‘Thank you for joining our company Larissa, it will be a pleasure to have you on board…’ she continued on.

Once we were outside in the foyer area. I standing with the Harry and Niall and Zayn as they firmly insisted they would wait with me until Paul got here even though their lift was waiting outside.

‘Guys you really don’t have to wait, I’ll be fine, I promise.’ I protested as I noticed the driver getting impatient.

‘Don’t worry, it’s not a problem,’ Harry interjected, noticing my reason of concern.

‘Hey, I was thinking, you know, it was really great to meet you tonight and I had a good time. Can I have your number so we can maybe meet up with you again in London? You know, go out for a coffee or something?’ Niall asked, stuttering lightly.
I saw Harry smile widely at the suggestion. I laughed again.

‘Of course, call me anytime,’ I answered, ‘within reason of course,’ I added and they laughed.

Niall and me swapped phones and I entered my number in his ‘New Contact’ area. I giggled silently when I entered my name as ‘Lazza the Great’.

Just then Paul pulled up outside and honked his horn, signalling to me that he was here.

‘Pauls here guys, thank you for waiting with me,’ I smiled as I hugged them all, maybe hanging on to Harry for a little too long but I don’t care.

‘No problem,’ Zayn gave me a cute toothy grin as I walked away and waved at them, which they returned.

I sighed happily, fully content as I buckled myself in the back of the car. BEST DAY EVER!!
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