One Direction Imagines

Well, I will be writing 1D imagines can apply in the comments.
Can you fill in these details in the comments? :
Which boy:
what do you want to happen:


14. Megan and Harry

Megan's Pov

Where is Harry?! He said he would be back by 10p.m., it's already 12pm. Maybe something terrible has happened to him....

Harry's Pov

Loud music blared through the speakers. People were dancing around me crazily. I suddenly felt myself collapse. Liam immediately came and carried me. " You know, you should be home by now, Megan will be worried about you." Liam chided. I shook my head, feeling a little dizzy. Way too much alcohol.... Liam put me down gently and left, shaking his head. 

Megan's Pov

Finally, after midnight, Harry came back home..... With a girl hanging onto him. " Harry, what the hell, what are you doing?!" I screamed, aware that he was drunk.He collapsed in front of me. I glared at both the girl and Harry and went upstairs to pack. I never want to see him again....

2 years later 

Megan's Pov

I was out shopping when I bumped into Harry. I took off my sunglasses. " Harry?" I whispered. Nobody knows what I went through after I left. One word : Pain. It was horrible. "Megan?" He said. " Megan. Are you still mad at me? I'm so so sorry. I was drunk, I didn't know what I was doing. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me

Harry's Pov

I stared at Megan, waiting for an answer. Two years ago, I had hurt Megan terribly, after she left, I  had hoped that one day I might see her again. And tell her just how sorry I was. Please... I silently pleaded. Megan looked thoughtfully, " I forgive you. " She finally said, choking a little. "Let's start again" Megan said. I smiled. "Hi, I'm Harry." She giggled, " Hey, I'm Megan." "Will you walk with me?" I asked. She grinned and nodded, taking my hand. Yes, let's start over. I finally getting a second chance....


Hope you liked it, sorry it was a little short. ;)


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