Trying To Run Away

"I killed my parents,how can you still love me?"

Those first four words........they destroyed my life.

I destroyed my life.

I destroyed my best friend's life.

I destroyed my aunt's life.

I destroyed my parents' lives.

I destroyed my boyfriend's life.

I did all of this.

I destroyed everything.

I'm a killer,and there's no going back.


2. Chaapter 2

I'm pulled out the dress from its bag and stared at it.It is red with rhinstones lining the off shoulder.It flowed down to the floor and was complete with a pair of silk,red,gloves.This is my outfit for the auction tonight.I'm gonna wear my blood coated red sneakers that doesnt look blood coated.

I got over crying about me killing my parents this morning when I woke up.Oh what am I talking about? I'll never get over it.I'll cry every night,but that's the most of it.I have to accept that I killed my parents and I should be grateful my aunt and orphaned best friend is helping me.

Believe it or not,my aunt managed to get someone to cahnge the car's license plate.I think we are officially fugitives.

I lied down on the hotel bed and soon fell asleep.


"Come out! We wanna see what you look like!Come out,Athera!Please!"

The door flew open and a greek goddess stepped out,but what came out from her mouth wasn't even a bit Italian.


"Why?You look gorgeous!Your beauty now,is close to level goddess."said Ella.

"Yeah,she's right.You are beautiful enough to make Goddess Athena actually glance at you,maybe even another slight backwards glance to make sure there isn't a mirror behind her."

"Aw,thanks but it's just uncompfortable."

"Welcome to the girl world.Me and Tetra are not used to it to-"

"Please welcome,Miss Tetra Stone!"

Ella pulled me from my seat and pushed me onto the stairs.

Trying not to fall,I made my way down the spiral staircase,entering a dome with seats filled with men,old and (teenage) young all around.Below me stood a circular stage.

"Miss Stone loves to read and laugh alot." That part made me frown while I continued to climb down the spiralling staircase.I'm getting dizzy..

"She also loves to sing,especially in the car while the radio is playing her favourite song." What?!Aunt Athera! Woah! Why suddenly so many steps? 

"But there's one problem gentleman,this lady doesnt know how to dance!Carrying on-"

Great! I'm slipping! But there's only three more steps to go!

"Ow!"I slipped and landed on my butt on the last step which made me slide and land with my back against the stage floor in a not-so-lady-like manner.

"Oh!Did that hurt Miss Stone?"

The men laughed softly.Rich Freaks!

"Haha.No,I'm ok."I said getting up.

"Well,gentleman,ther's your proof that she likes to laugh.Aaaaaand let's start the bid!"

I immediately closed my eyes.I wanna tell how snobby they are by their voices.

"1000!"Hmm.Sound pretty decent but old.

"2000!"Ugh.Another old man?

"5000!Open your eyes sweety!"Ew!Never!

"10,000!"My eyes flew open.The guy who shouted sounds about my age!That guy is cute!That guy is standing right in front of me! Well..Not literally,like the front row seat in front of me is more acurrate.He had messed up brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes.His gray suit makes him look like a sex god

"15,000!For the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen!"My head turned to find the guy who said that.He is also my age and looked like Percy Jackson.If you are imagining Logan Lerman,stop it.He's more hot than that.


"Going once,going twice!Sold to the young man in the front row seat!"


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