They call me Diana

Skyler-rose a 19 year old girl isn't your ordinary girl she has had a rough life and because of the way she is people call her Diana its been that way most of her life untill five certain famous boys come to her school for the graduation to sing and the wonder about skyler - rose and why people call her Diana when they find out they want to take her with them and give her a better life but will she agree or will she not???


1. Introduction

Hi my names skyler-rose Elizabeth Jackson yes I am related to Michael Jackson he was my uncle well any way in 5foot 7 my hair is naturally brown but I dyed it red I'm 19 I go to west field high I live in Australia Brisbane  with my best friend Violetta yeah I know she was named after a program well any way I wasn't originally born is Australia I am from New Zealand but moved to Brisbane right after my uncle died I guess I just wanted to get out and explore like he always told me I have always had a rough life I was bullied since I was four till I moved I was hopping it would stop but it never did it got worse but they stopped bullying me when I told Violetta's dad which is Simon cowell he came down to school and yelled at them all he treats me like I'm his daughter which makes me feel loved because my parents never cared about me because they left me in front of and orphanage when I was only just born I was never adopted so I ran away its not like they would of cared cause they were all mean but at school the bulling stopped a  but they still make fun of me just not as much oh yeah I forgot to tell you that everyone calls me Diana except Violetta she calls me sky or rose but I'm called Diana because I'm  dyslexic and anorexic and they couldn't be bothered to call me both at different times so they put them together and created Diana and I guess it's kinda stuck now oh yeah I also love one direction Harry's my favourite also I use to cut but I stopped because it was ruining me nobody deserves what I went through ( if your a cutter please stop you don't deserve a life of pain and just remember I'm always here for all of you I would never judge you so all the cutters out there please try to stop your just ruining your skin plus it's not worth your time because you may think its everything to you but it's not its just something that is going to destroy you to the point of breaking ) so I guess that's all about me really.

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