They call me Diana

Skyler-rose a 19 year old girl isn't your ordinary girl she has had a rough life and because of the way she is people call her Diana its been that way most of her life untill five certain famous boys come to her school for the graduation to sing and the wonder about skyler - rose and why people call her Diana when they find out they want to take her with them and give her a better life but will she agree or will she not???


7. Clients


I groaned getting out of bed I made my way towards my closet and grabbed out black leggings a back tank top and a over sized jersey that was grey I brushed my hair pulled my hood over my head and putted on my black converse I walked down stairs into the kitchen I saw vi and Simon sitting down at the table with eight people around Simon I faked a cough but kept my head down making sure my hoodies still covering my red hair Simon looked up at me " boys and girls this is sky" I gave a shy wave they all waved back " um Simon who are they " I asked pointing to the hooded figures Simon nodded at them they all took their hoods off to reveal one direction and three other girls my eyes widened in shock they all came up to me Liam went first "hey well I'm Liam this is my girlfriend Kate " I looked at Kate she looked about 19 with light hair and light brown eyes she was about 5'4 I nodded shaking his hand "I'm sky" I answered next was Niall and another girl "I'm Niall and this is me girlfriend Abigail but call her Abby" she looked around 17 or 18 with light brown hair that went down to her butt that had honey blonde and red coloured highlights she had light blue eyes and was about 5'1 I shaked his hand " sky" next was zayn and another girl "I'm zayn and this is my girlfriend Ashley" she had blue eyes and blonde shoulder length hair she looked around about 5'4 and 18 I shook his hand "sky" Harry and Louis came up to me "I'm Harry and this is Louis" I shook both of their hands "sky" I mumbled I looked at Simon " oh yes sky they will be staying here while I got to London for a meeting ill be back in a month " I nodded "I also made breakfast " he added I shook my head a frown appeared on his face " sky you gotta eat sometime " I just shook my head "I'm not hungry" I said walking into the lounge and sitting down on one of the black couches the boys and girls followed and sat on the other couch vi came and sat next to me " lets play 21 questions on you and vi " Liam said I nodded and so did vi Liam started " okay what's your full names" I talked first " skyler-rose Elizabeth Jackson " "Violetta valentine cowell " next was  Louis " were are you from " vi went first " I'm originally from Sydney but moved here when I was 5" "I'm originally from New Zealand but moved here when my uncle died " next was Niall " do you have any siblings " vi started again " nope I'm an only child " next was me " I have 26" I mumbled looking down at my feet thinking about the orphanage and all my brothers and sisters that hated me next was zayn " what's your life story" I sighed "well when I was a baby I never knew my parents because I grew up in an orphanage that's why I have 26 siblings but as I grew up the all started to hate me and abuse me i don't know why but they did as I got older it got worse so at the age of 15 I ran away not looking back all I knew was that I had a uncle who was visiting New Zealand so I went to find him once I did he took me under his protection he taught me how to read how to write he taught me everything I needed to know I got to travel the world with him while he was on tour he was my idol his name was Michael Jackson but once he passed away I got payed millions of dollors I don't know why but I did so I packed up and left like my uncle told me to he wanted me to leave and move to Australia and find a man by the name of Simon cowell so I did I left once I did I found Simon and told him what happened he took me under his wing and treated me like his daughter me and vi became instant best friends but then I started high school I got bullied I was treated like shit everyone made a nick name up for me it was Diana because I'm dyslexic and anorexic I used to cut but stopped because it was destroying me and here we are now so that's my life" I replied they all had tears trailing down their face I was about to break so I stood up and ran up the stairs and into my room I locked the door and layed on my bed crying I looked to my right and saw a picture of me and my uncle pulling silly faces at my 16 th birthday I grabbed it and held it to my chest while crying "I need you here uncle" I whispered. 

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