The Denied Love

When 21 year old model, Jordyn Reeds gets front row tickets along with an invitation to the after party and backstage passes, she is on the hunt for Louis Tomlinson to become her lover, she gets obstacles on the way , as hers and Louie's relationship moves forward someone gets in the way, can she handle the lies about to be told? Will Louis even think of her the same after she must tell him? Jordyn has a long way to go in her denied love, as everyone calls it since nobody approves but the boys and perrie


3. First Sight


Jordyn's P.O.V


                           I went to the concert about an hour early and there were ages 7-52 it seemed like, none of these women deserved my Louis, not even one, because I already knew he liked me I have Zayn's phone number, which Perrie helped me attain.

                 Finally, the opened the gates, and I hurried and got my ticket scanned and I had my bodyguards help me to my seat and then after sitting quite a while, some food.' The concert better be good unless that was $5,000 wasted' I thought, 'It's going to be good anyways they always pull something off' I smirked in my seat glancing at the stage right in front of me. I totally fangirled on the inside and squealed a little on the outside, I couldn't wait!!!! Soon my bodyguards came back with a large dr. pepper and nachos "Thanks!!" I smiled and took a bite It was my snack during the opening performances because I knew I would be screaming my head off for my boys, well one boy in particular, the opening acts were unknown artists, or the ones with one album. Then they came out.

               I took a big swig of my dr. pepper before standing up and waving my arms around screaming since he, Louis Tomlinson, was standing right in front of me, So close I could almost reach out far enough and touch  him he was so damn close. He obviously noticed me and winked as he leaned down and touched my hand, never again will I wash this hand until he is mine, then I thought again thinking about hygiene, and decided I would wash it one day, not too soon though.

              The concert was absolutely amazing, everything, my voice was string so I still had some voice left when I was ushered backstage along with about 11 other girls about 13 or 14 years of age, I rolled my eyes, Louis was 22 they would surround Harry or Liam, nobody would dare go near Louie. They made us wait a while then the boys came in, I squealed as loud as I could in my head and walked very fast over to Louis and smiled as he stared at me in disbelief, "Y-You're Jordyn Reeds" he stammered "Yes love I am" I nodded happily as Niall came over "Hey Lou-" he cut his sentence short when he saw me "You're Jordyn Reeds!!!" Niall practically  yelled as the other boys stared at me and Liam rushed over "Can I pretty please have an autograph?" he popped his p's which was cute and once they went back to where they were I broke the silence

      "So Louis are you going to the after party?" I smiled  widely "N-No I didn't have time to buy a ticket" he looked at me and shrugged as I waved my bodyguard over "Give him your after party ticket" I ordered "But Miss-" I cut him off "Make sure my car doesn't get stolen I have protection by other bodyguards here" I smiled as my body guard gave Louis the ticket and left "Thanks!" he smiled "Miss Jordyn Reeds your changing room is ready" a nerdy adult called out "I'm coming!" I smiled at Louis and turned around going to my dressing room. I got dressed pretty quickly and hurried and did my makeup and waited outside Louis's dressing room until he came out about 15 minutes after the other boys left. "You ready?" he smiled and I smiled and nodded as he lead me out to the car taking us to the party.


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