Dear Diary

A girl named Alexis Torres,16,writes a diary about her life.She moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles and things are a little different to her.There is a lot of drama at her new school,involving her.She makes friends and enemies.


2. New Friends & New Enemies:

Dear Diary,


Yesterday was a good day at school besides me getting tripped but I made 2 new friends:Liam & Niall.Today is Saturday and it is really boring,but I just realized that Liam left his number on my schedule,when he gave it back to me.

I look at the clock and it was 10:00 a.m,should I text him...(yes,no,just do it Alexis!)

I grab my phone and and save his number in my contacts,"hey it's me Alexis,what are you doing?"

I get a text back 2 minutes later saying "hey Alexis,so I see you wanted to text me lol"

We have a long conversation about school and how things are going then,I check the time and it's 1:00p.m. I've been in my room texting for 4 hours

Time went by really quick and I did my homework and tried to go to sleep....I just couldn't sleep.J was thinking about Liam and school.If I'm gonna get embarrassed again?Does Liam like me?When am I gonna make more friends?My mind was full of thoughts.I finally went to sleep at 2:00a.m.


I wake up to a loud buzzing sound coming from my alarm clock,I shut the alarm clock,almost knocking it off my nightstand.

I started to get ready for school:took a shower,brushed my teeth,did my hair which was a fish tail bread,I quickly put on my grey t-shirt that had "Los Angeles" written on it,and then I put my black skinny jeans on and my grey converse.

I arrive to the front of the school.I see Liam and this boy standing in front of the entrance.I go up to Liam,("he looks so cute today."I said in my head.)As I was walking towards him,I see him turn his head and smile with his white teeth.

"Alexis!Finally your here"he said as he chuckled.He puts out his arms-wanting a hug.So I gave him a hug.I felt his heart beat,he was so warm and could feel his abs.



I went to my locker and I see Niall heading towards me."So you've met Liam?" He asked while giving me a smile."Yeah,you are friends with him?" "Well,duh..if I'm asking about him." he says laughing.

"Well excuse me!" I answers back hitting his shoulder playfully.

I walk in my first class,and realize that a blonde girl was staring at me.She comes up to me and says with a snobby attitude "Hi new girl,my name is Jessica,so I see your Liam's girlfriend,I've seen you guys hug?!"

"No,we are are just fiends,and what does it matter to you anyways?" I said. "Because I'm just curious." She said,and walked away to her group of snobby friends.

"Well that was awkward.." I said under my breath.

I found out later that Jessica is Liam's ex-girlfriend,I guess she doesn't like me now.

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