Dear Diary

A girl named Alexis Torres,16,writes a diary about her life.She moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles and things are a little different to her.There is a lot of drama at her new school,involving her.She makes friends and enemies.


6. Here Comes Trouble:

Dear Diary,


So, Zayn and I have been REALLY close for the past 4 days.We hung out on Saturday,and went to the movies.Sunday he invited me to lunch at a fancy restaurant.

Sarah and Jane like that we are a "thing" but to me,we aren't yet.**I mean we just met eachother last week on Wednesday**

I think I might like Liam or Harry,I don't know?


I go to school and I see Sarah hold hands with Niall!I knew that Sarah liked Niall but I didn't think that he would have the guts to actually talk to him?But I'm happy for her.

And there comes Jessica and her fake/self-centered "group".Jessica acts like she is the queen of the school,and can do anything she wants.Liam is not with her anymore,she needs to get over him.

"Oh look Alyssa and ugly basic-bitch?!"she said to me while giggling and Sarah and Jane look at me in shock.

"Look bitch,I didn't do anything to you,and you just need to get the hell out of my face and understand that Liam doesn't want your slutty ass?!"I said to her while she looks at me in angry."

"Oh really?Then explain to me why he took me out on a date yesterday?!"she said while smirking.

She tries and swings at me,almost punching me in my jaw.I stop her fist and slammed her into a locker and punched her on the face.Meanwhile a big crowd circled around us.I get stopped by the principal.

*OH SHIT! I'm in trouble..*

To Be Continued....

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