Love hurts.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, but why me. I don't deserve him and I fell but he takes it too far. I've learned that , love hurts. Love hurts when the one you fell for is Harry Styles.


2. 2

Harry's P.O.V.

So I got a feeling in my gut that said I had to take a walk and something special was going to happen, and it was right.

I met this girl and she's ........ Different. Something about her pulls me in even if she pushes me away. Why? I've never felt like this.

I looked at her as she shivered, a dark beauty, and by dark I meant dark features but her skin color was tan. And her lips made her even more beautiful. A perfect shape and a naturally rosy color. It contrasted with the way her dark eyes and dark hair made her look, it was a perfect mix, something rare.

I took off my coat "Your cold" and I placed it around her shoulders.

She looked at me surprised "No I can't take it" and she gave it back.

"But y-your cold" I tried putting it around her shoulders again.

She took it from me and put it around my shoulders instead and gave me a soft smile, my heart melted, "Its okay, you'll catch a cold, anyways the least I could do is invite you in for a drink, for a stalker and a jerk you can be nice sometimes".

I chuckled softly "Thanks".

She smiled in return and I suddenly had the urge to kiss her . No Harry , no.

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