Love hurts.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, but why me. I don't deserve him and I fell but he takes it too far. I've learned that , love hurts. Love hurts when the one you fell for is Harry Styles.


1. 1

Kimberly's P.O.V.

How sad, I think to myself, almost Christmas and I'm spending it alone. Hopefully I get one present. Ha, maybe not, it's not like my parents care, I'm a disgrace to them. Maybe my friends will get me something. Wait, what friends. Yeah I'm a loner, nothing new.

I sigh as I kick a pebble. Why am I bitter , I should at least buy something for my brother.

I smile softly as my eyes tear up mumbling ,"Maybe he can see it from above, he is dead and all but maybe he'll see it and smile to himself saying, I know you love me and I love you too".

I laugh lightly stuffing my hands in my coat pockets , if only you were still alive, if only I could have you back, nothing is the same anymore.

Suddenly I stumble falling to the floor, "Ouch".

"Hey you okay?" Said a husky voice.

I looked up shyly feeling like my face was on fire.

"Uhm... Y-yeah " I stuttered out .

His smile made my heart skip a beat, especially since he has dimples, his sparkly emerald eyes made me feel warm, and his voice made me melt.

He stuck out his hand "I'm sorry it was kind of my fault".

I took it and he pulled me up "No problem ".

"I was trying to get away from some fans when I bumped into you, I'm sorry " he said apologetically.

"Stop apologising I forgave you, I'm sorry I was in your way, you didn't have to help me up either, I'm nothing special so I guess I'll be leaving now" I said softly then walked away.

"Hey wait!" He said jogging to keep up with me.

I stopped and looked at him curiously "What makes me so special that you followed me? I know you said fans but I never heard of you, I'm sorry but I know there's better people out there" then I started to walk again.

"To answer your question, I don't quite know but doesn't knowing I'm famous make you want to be with me? I mean I have money, I'm handsome, it'll give you publicity " he tried explaining to me.

"Does it look like I care about that? No I don't ,I just want to be alone, got it? Your handsome and all but your starting to sound like a jerk" I spat out walking faster .

He kept up pace "Why are you so stubborn? Do you know that it just makes me find you more attractive? I definitely won't leave you alone now" he smiled a cheeky smile.

I sighed softly and kept walking, guess my walk turned out to be me going shopping for a stalker.

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