New Friends and Maybe Love

Joy is a girl who doesn't know who One Direction is, but when she gets to her new school they all fall for her instantly.
What happens when she finds out who they really are?!
Will she fall in love or will she make a mistake?
Who will win her heart and who will break it?
What happens when her and Harry find out that they have a connection that Joy can't even remember? Will this connection give Harry an advantage or will it explain why she was put in an orphanage in the first place?
Read if you wanna find out the answers and follow the adventures of the heart <3


3. Chapter 3

Joy's P.O.V

I got paired with Liam since he's the best in the class. Today they were doing Romeo & Juliet. As everyone went I just kept thinking about the boys. The reason why is because i noticed them all staring at me. What is it with these boys and staring? I just tried to ignore their stares.

The Boys' P.O.V

Joy wasn't listening so we began to talk,

Harry: I like being around Joy!

Louis: Me too.

Niall: She's like the only girl who hasn't screamed in our faces when she saw us.

Zayn: Wait that's strange? Do you boys think she doesn't know who we are or just doesn't care?

Liam: Well if you want to find out then we can just ask her at lunch.

Zayn: Ok... but what if she does find out and starts acting like the other fangirls?

Harry: Zayn's got a point there.

Louis: Wellshe's going to find out eventually from the other girls, but i think that's a little impossible right now since the other girls are jealous of her being shown around by us.

Niall: Lets just tell her and be done with it

We got interrupted by Joy.

Joy's P.O.V

I was trying to pay attention to the other scenes being done when I heard my name come out of Harry's mouth. Were they talking about me behind my back? I wanted to know so i started to eavesdrop. They were talking about liking to be around me, not screaming in their faces, and who they were. What does this stuff mean? Before they could finish their conversation I decided to get their attention. As soon as i got their attention they all noticed I was listening because of the confused expression on my face.

Louis' P.O.V

When we all heard a cough we all turned around to find Joy was listening to our whole conversation. I could tell by how confused she looked at the stuff we were talking about. Through the corner of my eye I could see Harry flushed with a blush of embarrassment. I wonder why Harry was blushing? Then I noticed that all the other boys including me, were blushing out of embarrassment. 

Joy's P.O.V

When the boys all turned around I could see they were all blushing. I think it was out of embarrassment. Okay then, these boys are interesting. Before I could finish my thoughts the bell rang. I guess I'll get to do the scene tomorrow.

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