New Friends and Maybe Love

Joy is a girl who doesn't know who One Direction is, but when she gets to her new school they all fall for her instantly.
What happens when she finds out who they really are?!
Will she fall in love or will she make a mistake?
Who will win her heart and who will break it?
What happens when her and Harry find out that they have a connection that Joy can't even remember? Will this connection give Harry an advantage or will it explain why she was put in an orphanage in the first place?
Read if you wanna find out the answers and follow the adventures of the heart <3


13. Chapter 13

Joy's P.O.V

I couldn't believe what I had just heard.

Me: (Looks at parents) Could this be true, mom, dad?

Mom: When we adopted you the foster caretaker told us that the boys name was Harry, that's all she knew from what the boy told her.

Harry: Well... when I was younger I did save a little girl from jumping off of a bridge. When I stopped her she had already passed out and I took her to the hospital. The doctor told me that she lived at the orphanage and that she was a regular patient. I asked where I should take her and that's when I brought her the the orphanage. I was worried about her so the caretaker let me watch over her for a while.

Me: Wait, did you learn "her" name?

Harry: ...Yes... I think you were that little girl Joy.

Me: ... Uh... (Holds head) Not again!

My head was going crazy on me like usual. When ever I came into contact with a memory that my mind didn't want to remember I would pass out and my mind would go blank.

The darkness began to settle in and I was to weak to stop it. The heinous voices began murmuring about something, but like usual I couldn't understand them and I was left there listening to the noise in complete darkness.

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