New Friends and Maybe Love

Joy is a girl who doesn't know who One Direction is, but when she gets to her new school they all fall for her instantly.
What happens when she finds out who they really are?!
Will she fall in love or will she make a mistake?
Who will win her heart and who will break it?
What happens when her and Harry find out that they have a connection that Joy can't even remember? Will this connection give Harry an advantage or will it explain why she was put in an orphanage in the first place?
Read if you wanna find out the answers and follow the adventures of the heart <3


1. Chapter 1

Joy's P.O.V

Well it's the first at my new school. I really don't want to stand out, so I'll just sit in the back and keep my head down. Right now, me and my mom are in the principles office. My mom was talking to the principle, while I was wandering the halls taking a peak at what the classes would be like. As I walk down the hall i notice 5 strange boys walking my way and they were surrounded by a bunch of screaming girls. Well I guess this school is like any other with its popular boys and girls. When I walk passed them I think I saw out of the corner of my eye that they all stopped dead in their tracks. Okay then awkward! After that strange sighting I notice my mom walk out of the office still talking to the principle. I guess I'll just go to my mom and find out just a 'little' more about this school. I still want to know who those boys are even though I don't want to be noticed.  It was finally Monday and i had to start at my new school. I wonder if... no never mind I'll just not think about it. Well here i go. ''MOM I'M OFF TO SCHOOL!'', I yelled from the front door. ''OKAY HONEY I'LL SEE YOU LATER!''  So this was it I guess I'll have to face it sooner or later.


Harry's P.O.V

"Awww! Why does it have to be Monday already?", I asked the boys. "Oh don't complain Harry, we all feel the same way, OKAY!", complained Zayn. Man I hope the day goes by fast. We all got to homeroom when I noticed we had an extra seat and desk at the back near me and the boy, but why we never have extra desks. When the teacher came in she made an announcement, "class we have a new student joining us today, so please make her feel welcome." Well that explains the desk. after the teacher finished she gestured to someone in the hall to come in. When they walked in I noticed a beautiful brown-haired, hazel-eyed, average-sized girl walk in. I also noticed the boys staring at her too. I don't know why we were all staring I mean seriously she was just a girl, but I think we stare because we all thought she was gorgeous. "Class this is Joy Bloomingdale. She will be your new classmate." I think this day just got a little bit better for all of us. "Joy I've set up a desk for you at the back of the class in between Harry and Louis. Boys please show Ms. Bloomingdale around the school until she gets use to it okay!" We all answered, "Yes Mrs. Feather-blue!" I think we were all a little excited to be able to be around Joy. I hear Louis whisper, "Harry isn't this sweet!?" "Yeah it is!" Answered all the boys and me answered. I notice Joy look out of the corner of her eye to give all of us a death glare. We all ended up noticing this, so we turned to the front trying to not act anymore dorky. Our day just got more enjoyable! 



This is my first fanfic and i need to sleep so I'll post the next chapter tomorrow after school or maybe after taekwondo okay. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! And tell me what you thought about it, and this will help me know when I continue writing my real book and this.                              Thanks for reading!

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